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Is There a Better Coffee Pod?

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A new FRC pod being placed into a single-serve coffee machine.
Christopher C. Jan 26, 2022

This is the envipod®, a coffee pod without the environmental guilt. It's BPI-certified commercially compostable and made of 100% natural components—paper lidding, corn- and sugarcane-based ring, paper filter, and eco-friendly overwraps and bags. These new pods contain more Fresh Roasted Coffee than our competitors', giving you a fuller-bodied, more flavorful cup. And it's not just any coffee—it's sustainably sourced, traceable single-origin beans that both stand alone and come together to create unforgettable coffee experiences.

envipods break down the figurative barrier to third-wave coffee. No technique, no expensive equipment, no prep, no weighing or grinding, no pomp, just world-class coffee that honors the farms it comes from. envipods are our way of showing you what coffee can be, whether you've brewed the same grocery store drip for decades or have a decked-out home coffee setup. They're the definition of Coffee for Everybody. Just pop one in your single-serve brewer and enjoy the pour over-quality cup waiting for you on the other side. Sumatra, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil, Kenya, Costa Rica, artisan blends, and flavored, with more to come—excellent coffee has never been so easy.

The wider filter allows for better saturation and, being 0.06mm thicker, creates just enough resistance to extract more completely. Each envipod package is nitrogen flushed, like all our products, and sealed tight for maximum freshness.

It's a premium coffee experience and single-serve convenience with an environmental conscience. It's Doing Coffee a World of Good®.

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