The Next Generation of FRC Pods

Christopher C.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Imagine this: a coffee pod without the environmental guilt. People love the speed and convenience that pods afford them, but what they may not be considering is the impact pods have on the Earth. Billions—with a B—end up in landfills every single year and can take between 150 and 500 years to fully break down. That’s longer than any of us will be around. While we may not see the long-term effects of our pods, the future will, which is why Fresh Roasted Coffee is working tirelessly to give Mother Earth a much-needed break.

Introducing, a new coffee pod. These revolutionary pods are made of 100% natural components—paper lidding, corn-based rings, the same Fresh Roasted Coffee you know and love, and eco-friendly filters and overwraps. These new pods contain up to 25% more coffee per pod than our competitors’, giving you a fuller-bodied, more flavorful cup. Each of our new pods is packed individually, and nitrogen flushed (like all other FRC products) for maximum freshness.


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