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Fresh Points FAQ

What’s a Fresh Point?

A Fresh Point is something that gets you one step closer to Fresh Roasted Coffee coupons or promotional merchandise!

How do I get a Fresh Point?

First you have to register your account. Lots of our friends buy without ever registering their account with a username and password and that’s cool by us, but you can only get Fresh Points - and spend Fresh Points - if you register. So if you’re already registered, you’re already getting points! After that, just buy stuff. Every buck you spend is a point (Watch for double and even triple point sales!) We give you points just for setting up your account and being awesome. Follow us on Instagram or Twitter - get points. We give you points for your birthday because we’re super cool people. Come to think of it, it’s actually hard not to get Fresh Points.

Why cant I find my points? They are not showing here or during checkout?

Uh oh. Well, there’s a couple of things that could be going on here. First, make sure you’re logged in. Click this guy in your browser or this guy then that guy if you’re on mobile.

Next, ya gotta have cookies enabled. If your browser is set to the strictest security settings, the cookies can’t track your purchases and add in your points - or let you collect them at checkout. Some ad blockers and other browser security extensions may do the same thing. We’ll never sell any of your customer data or use it for evil deeds! We promise!

Finally, if you are in checkout, did you select one of the Express Checkout options like Shop Pay, PayPal or Amazon Pay? That takes you out of our checkout and into an express lane - but it also bypasses your Fresh Points. If you’re stuck in one of their checkout screens, look for a button or link that says “Check out as guest.” That will get you back to our checkout and you should see the Fresh Points dropdown. Apply your points, then you can select your payment method.

Note: If you’re stuck in a Shop Pay loop (where your getting lots of Captcha screens and verification texts) you can opt out of that process here https://shop.app/pay/phone-optout. This will not change your Fresh Roasted Coffee account!

Do I get Fresh Points for buying Tea? Or T-shirts? Or grinders? Or coffee pods? Or a French press?


How do I find out how many Fresh Points I have?

So, you know our website? FreshRoastedCoffee.com? You’re on it right now. At the top of the page, you’ll see this guy . Click on him to register, log-in, adjust your subscriptions, make a quick re-order, or check your Fresh Points balance! (If you’re on mobile, you have to click this ☰ before you see this .)

If you’re signed in to your account, you’ll also see your Fresh Points balance on the checkout page!

OK, so I got Fresh Points. Now what?

Log in to your account and select Fresh Points from the menu (see above).

From there, you can check your balance, unlock a reward, and see how to get even more points. Apply Fresh Points discount codes from the dropdown menu at checkout. If you want to redeem for free promotional items which include coffee, tea, and cool swag, you have to do that from the rewards page. (From the rewards page, just click REDEEM NOW on the product you want to unlock and add the item to your cart.)

If you choose to use the Express checkout option at the top of the checkout page (Shop Pay, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, or PayPal), you must log in to your account and apply your Fresh Points discount prior to clicking on that option. Once that option is selected, you will no longer be able to apply a Fresh Points discount for your transaction. If you are using a browser extension that tries different discount codes, it may insert a different code than the one from our loyalty program. It’s your responsibility to make sure you’re using the code you want to use.

250 points gets you a $5 discount
500 points gets you a 15% discount
Got an order under $50? You can also use 500 points for Free Shipping! (Contiguous US only)
750 points gets you a $10 discount on orders over $50
1,000 points gets you a 20% discount

You can also see your Fresh Point balance and apply discount codes right in the checkout window!

Only ONE discount or promotion may be used per transaction.You can only see your balance and apply discounts if you have a registered account and are signed in.

Only ONE discount or promotion may be used per transaction.

Here’s some more rules!

Fresh Points are only valid for online purchases made on FreshRoastedCoffee.com and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers - no stacking the coupons or applying the coupons to sale prices, in other words. Wholesale customers will not accrue rewards points for their purchases. Rewards usage and restrictions are subject to our Terms & Conditions.

Fresh Point discounts are only valid on purchases of coffee and/or tea. Discounts are not valid on Fresh Roasted Coffee / Positively Tea merchandise or gear unless otherwise specified. Fresh Points may be used for the promotional items specified on the Rewards page.

Discounts cannot be combined with Auto Deliver Subscription orders.

What if I don’t want any coupons?

That’s cool, we’ll take them, Mr. Moneybags. Then we’ll have all the coupons and all the coffee!! Ha hah hah hahhhh! {Note to self - use Mr. Moneybag’s coupon to buy decaf…}