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At Fresh Roasted Coffee, we don't just roast a lot of coffee, we craft experiences. Our comprehensive services are tailored to meet your every need.

Your Coffee's Journey

  • Sourcing

    We sustainably source specialty coffees from every growing region in the world.

    Person holding a green basket full of coffee cherries.
  • Cupping

    Our in-house Lead Roaster and Q Grader assesses each coffee's taste and quality to ensure you're getting the very best cup.

    Person cupping different types of coffee.
  • Custom Profiling

    Together, we'll develop custom roast profiles to create coffee that hits every time.

    Coffee bean drying station.
  • Roasting

    We roast fresh per order across four Loring Smart Roasters using expertly crafted roast profiles.

    Loring coffee roaster.
  • Packaging

    Everyone deserves coffee at its best. We pack, nitrogen flush, and seal our products right after roasting.

    Nitrogen flushing station.
  • Quality Control

    Each batch of product is materials tested for leaks, weaknesses, and pressure irregularities.

    Employee at the quality control station.
  • Shipping

    Your order is packed by hand and shipped with care.

    Shipping department.
New bag being sealed

As Fresh As It Gets!

Family-owned since 2009, our mission has always been to make specialty coffee and tea more accessible. We carefully source and roast coffees from 26+ origins in our eco-friendly Loring Smart Roasters. Everyone we work with is dedicated to our vision of doing coffee a World of Good. Every order is roasted fresh, bagged, nitrogen flushed, sealed, and shipped to your door at peak drinkability.

coffee roasters on the factory floor

Why FRC?

  • Cutting-Edge Roasting: Our eco-friendly Loring™ Smart Roasters ensure all orders adhere a sustainable experience.
  • Business Excellence: Our wholesale-centric model is all about ‘better’—delivering superior coffee with increased efficiency at unbeatable prices.
  • Packaging Flexibility: As your one-stop shop, we offer production versatility with various packaging formats. Your coffee, your way, tailored to perfection.
  • High Volume Capacity: Our efficient large-scale runs are perfect for grocery-ready products.

Our Certifications

OU Kosher Certified
Safe Quality Food Certified
Rainforest Alliance Certified
Fair Trade Certified
Direct Trade Certified
Water Process Decaf
BPI Certified Compostable
USDA Organic Certified