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Take Care: How to Care for Your Coffee

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Take Care: How to Care for Your Coffee
Marlena S. Jul 06, 2020

Coffee has four age-old enemies; heat, light, air, and moisture. The way coffee is stored is essential to keeping it fresh and ready to enjoy. Storing coffee in conditions that expose it to these elements will cause the coffee to rapidly lose its flavor and freshness.

We suggest our new Airscape Coffee Bean Storage Container. It might surprise you to know that most "airtight" containers aren't actually airtight. Although they keep additional air from reaching your beans, they don't expunge the existing air from the container, which means that your coffee will still stale, only at a slower rate. Regardless, no one wants stale coffee. If you like stale coffee, kindly reconsider. We think you'll like fresh coffee even more.

Our FRC-emblazoned Airscape canister features the patented Airscape lid, which actively forces air out of the can. You'll even hear a cool swoosh sound when you press down on and lock the lid. All this translates to fresh coffee that stays fresh longer. The Airscape container is made of culinary-grade stainless steel and is resistant to odor retention and nasty coffee stains. This is the premier coffee storage solution.

Contrary to popular belief, coffee should not be stored in the freezer, as it leads to moisture extracting the natural flavor from the coffee. Coffee beans are porous and will also absorb unwanted flavors from your freezer. Tilapia- or pizza-flavored coffee? No thanks.

Putting coffee on display exposed to direct or indirect light will put its freshness at risk. Instead, place coffee in a dark cabinet, away from light. Coffee beans look great, don't get us wrong, but beans left in the light won't taste so great.

Whole-bean coffee will normally stay fresh for a longer period of time compared to ground coffee. If you intend to store coffee in bulk, always store whole-bean coffee and grind the amount you will use, when you intend to use it.

Ground coffee is best used within two weeks of purchase, while whole bean coffee can stay fresh for up to a month. For optimum freshness, we suggest drinking Fresh Roasted Coffee within these time parameters.

If you intend to purchase coffee in bulk, the best way to store bulk quantities of coffee is to separate a large quantity into smaller, appropriate containers, like our 1 or 2 lb. Airscape Coffee Bean Storage Containers. Keeping the smaller batch of coffee you intend to use first away from the rest of your bulk coffee helps to ensure the entire quantity is not constantly being exposed to air, light, heat, and moisture.


  • S

    What method do you use to decaf your coffees?

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    Team FRC

    We purchase a number of different decaffeinated coffees from different regions. Currently our selections are decaffeinated using the Sugarcane (Ethyl Acetate) method or the Water Process (Swiss, Mountain, or Royal Water Process) depending on the variety.

  • EW
    Eddie Weber

    Man I can’t say enough about this coffee I buy the Honduran Swiss water processed decaffeinated and let me tell you it is very smooth and flavorful I won’t be buying any other coffee from now on thanks FRC for producing such quality coffee

  • SM
    Steven Mudrovich

    I have ordered from you for 5 years. good job! Tell me, what is Green Shipping Protection? I added it to my order today without knowing what it is, mainly because I think you are a good and reputable company and it was not much. however, i would like to know before my next order. thanks.

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    Team FRC

    Thanks for sticking with us these past five years! Green Shipping Protection offsets 100% of the carbon emissions for the delivery of your order. It also helps resolve any possible delivery issues that may arise.

  • M

    Is your coffee fair trade?

  • T

    Do you have anything I can use in my Nesspresso venturo?

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    Team FRC

    Our Nespresso® compatible pods are only for the OriginalLine products, though we have plans to expand our pod selection as soon as we’re able to do so.

  • MH
    Michael Hosking

    Would you comment on storing coffee in the refrigerator. Thanks.

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    Team FRC

    Regarding coffee and your fridge, we don’t recommend it and here’s why. Coffee beans are like little sponges. They’re frighteningly good at absorbing moisture and odor and your refrigerator is a moist environment that’s full of different smells - even if you have a box of baking soda in there. Which means coffee stored in the fridge can-and-will taste off more quickly than it would otherwise. If you’re wondering, we don’t really recommend the freezer either. It’s often very dry and also could have some smells that you might not like as a part of your whole coffee experience.

    Cool (not cold), dry, and dark is what we recommend. The cabinet is fine but maybe not the one above the stove or right by a window that gets full sun during the day. Even more important is an airtight container. Oxygen is what makes coffee go stale and the more oxygen you can keep from your beans, the longer your beans will taste good.It’s why we nitrogen flush every bag and pod!

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