Auto Deliver

an easy way to get your favorite Fresh Roasted Coffee or Positively Tea selections right in your mailbox without lifting a finger!

Step One

Select your product.

When adding a product to your cart, select the "Auto Deliver" option.

Step Two

Select how often.

Choose to receive your coffee or tea from once every 2 weeks to once every 8 weeks, or any time in between.

Step Three

Choose how much.

Select the quantity you want delivered each time.

Cardboard box with Fresh Roasted Coffee logo and cardboard box with Positively Tea logo

Never run out of your favorite products.

Enjoy the perks.

  • 20% off your first order
  • 15% off every recurring order

It's the easiest way to enjoy fresh, gourmet coffee or tea.

Free standard shipping on orders over $50. A flat-rate $7.95 shipping fee will be applied to all orders under $50, unless an alternative shipping method is selected.

Modify My Subscription

Auto Deliver lets you update your products, quantities, and frequencies whenever and as often as you like! Log in to manage your subscription now.

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How do I set this up?

  • Step one: Go to (Congratulations! You’re here!)
  • Step two: Found the coffee or tea you want to subscribe to? Select the size, the grind (if it’s roasted coffee), and the quantity. Select Auto Deliver and how often, then Add to Cart.
  • Step three: Continue shopping! You can have subscription and one-time orders in the same cart so don’t be afraid to add a gift for someone special. Once you've added everything you need, proceed through checkout and the information you provide there will be used to create your Auto Deliver subscription.

NOTE: You must have an activated FRC Customer Account in order to create and manage Auto Deliver orders.

What’s the order minimum?

There is none. If you want one 12 oz. bag of drip-ground Fog Kicker delivered every 8 weeks, we’ll do it. And we’ll STILL give you 15% off, because we love you, Fog Kicker Fanatics.

I’m tired of the coffee I’m getting! Can I change?

Certainly! Your subscription is for a specific product. With that in mind, you can change the grind, frequency, size, and quantity of the item(s) in your subscription on your account page. That’s also where you can update your payment info.

If you're adding an additional product to your subscription, you can do so in our shop. Just browse the product you would like to add and click the button under Add to upcoming subscription order. You will be prompted with a pop-up where you can manage how and when you would like the product delivered. (If you want to swap one product for a different one, add the new product from the product listing, then remove the product you no longer wish to receive from your subscription in your account.)

If you really want to say goodbye to your coffee subscription(s), then all you need to do is go into your subscription account and cancel the subscription product(s) and upcoming order.

Need some help? You can also call or email us and we can hook you up. We’re here 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM EST on weekdays.

Phone: 570.495.4300

How do I pay? What if my card expires?? What if I want to change cards???

  • First, take a breath.
  • We charge your card when your order is ready, so if you choose to get a Fresh Roasted shipment every four weeks, that’s how often your card will be charged.
  • If your card expires (or is declined - fyi, we won’t judge you) you’ll get an email notification with instructions on how to fix this sticky situation. Spoiler alert - it’s not actually that sticky.
  • If you want to change cards, you can log into your account and do that by clicking on the Send Email button at the bottom of your account page. Note: email link expires after 15 minutes of inactivity. Need assistance? Give us a call at 570.495.4300 and we can do it for you.

Can I run multiple subscriptions at the same time?

Of course you can! You can create multiple subscriptions for just about any of our coffees or teas in whatever frequency you want. Your card will be charged when your order is ready, so if you have three subscriptions shipping at different times, your card will be charged when the orders renew. You will receive reminder emails 3 days before the order ships so there won't be any surprises.

I want to get a subscription for someone else. Can I do that?

Heck yeah! If you want to send Aunt Becky 2 lbs of organic Donut Shop fortnightly, you can do that! Keep in mind, Aunt Becky can’t administer her subscription - that’s something that you as the account holder and purchaser need to do. Aunt Becky also can’t pay for the subscription (i.e. add her card to your account). We don’t want to start any family squabbles so we’re trying to be clear on this. Also she can still pinch your cheeks.

  1. Select the product you want the person to receive.
  2. Add the product to your next subscription order.
  3. Go into your subscription account page and click Remove Item From Order. Why? Because your shipping address is already tied to your order.
  4. Scroll down to see that the product is now a stand-alone subscription. You can manage all aspects of that subscription including dates, frequency, payment, and shipping information.

I want to set a time limit on my subscription. Can I do that?

At this time, we don’t offer a scheduled timeframe (i.e. May 1- June 1, 2023) for shipments, but you can edit your subscription’s frequency anytime in your account.

If I cancel an order, does it cancel my subscription?

Nope. Canceling an order just skips the order placement date to the next date in sequence, according to order frequency.