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Auto Deliver

an easy way to get your favorite Fresh Roasted Coffee or Positively Tea selections right in your mailbox without lifting a finger!

Step One of Auto Deliver

Select your product.

When adding a product to your cart, select the "Auto Deliver" option.

Step Two of Auto Deliver

Select how often.

Choose to receive your coffee or tea from once every 2 weeks to once every 8 weeks, or any time in between.

Step Three of Auto Deliver

Choose how much.

Select the quantity you want delivered each time.

Cardboard box with Fresh Roasted Coffee logo and cardboard box with Positively Tea logo

Never run out of your favorite products.

Enjoy the perks.

  • 20% off your first order
  • 15% off every recurring order

It's the easiest way to enjoy fresh, gourmet coffee or tea.

Free standard shipping on orders over $50. A flat-rate $7.95 shipping fee will be applied to all orders under $50, unless an alternative shipping method is selected.

Modify My Subscription

Auto Deliver lets you update your products, quantities, and frequencies whenever and as often as you like! Log in to manage your subscription now.

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Real Reviews From Real Customers

We have bought many different types of coffee over past years many brands and flavors many price points. We have found Fresh Roasted coffee to be the prime coffee for us. Flavor is excellent and price is very fair. We are now on auto deliver so we don’t miss any mornings without our favorite coffee.

— Diane K

Auto deliver is the way to go! Fast shipping, products arrive smelling freshly roasted and well packed.

— Nate P

Surprisingly fast delivery! Auto delivery option makes it easy. We setup for every 7 weeks, perfect for us.

— Chad H

Have had subscription service for the last two years. Went from every 4 weeks to now 3 weeks. Customer service and delivery are awesome. Keep up the amazing service and products. Nothing short of awesome.

— David B

We have it delivered automatically and it is easy to change the date to match our consumption level.

— Steven O


How do I set up a subscription?
  1. Go to freshroastedcoffee.com.
  2. Pick your products, select the size, grind (for roasted coffee), and quantity.
  3. Click “Auto Deliver,” choose your frequency, and add to cart.
  4. Keep perusing if you like. Once you have everything, simply check out, and we'll use your info to get your subscription* started.

*Please note: you must have an activated FRC Customer Account to create and manage Auto Deliver orders.

What's the order minimum?

There isn't one. No matter what you get, we'll still give you 15% off.

Can I change products in my subscription?

Yes, you can manage your subscription size, grind, and frequency anytime. If you would like to swap to an entirely different product, you can do so by going into Manage Subscription Tab, clicking “Swap this for a different product,” and search for the product you'd like.

How do I change my payment method?
  • We'll only charge the card we have on file when your order is ready.
  • If your card expires, we'll send you an email with instructions how to update it.
  • You can change your payment method by logging in and clicking “Send Email*” at the bottom of your account page.
  • If you need any help, give us a call at 570.495.4300.

*For security, the email link will expire in 15 minutes.

Can I have more than one subscription?

You can have as many as you like. You'll receive email reminders three (3) days before your orders ship so you won't be surprised.

Can I gift a subscription?

Yes, you can gift an upcoming order from your subscription at any time by selecting the skip button. A pop-up will give you the option to gift the one-time order and enter in the recipient's shipping details. If you want to gift a new subscription, simply set one up and enter the recipient's shipping details.

Can I set a time limit on my subscription?

We don't currently offer a scheduled timeframe (e.g. May 1 - June 1) for subscriptions, but you can edit your frequency any time from your account page.

Will canceling an order cancel my subscription?

Nope! Canceling an order just skips those products' next charge date.