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Hand going through an assortment of coffee cherries and coffee beans.

Central American Coffee: An Expert's Guide

Central America boasts a rich coffee culture, offering a diverse array of specialty brews. As coffee connoisseurs, we're excited to share insights into the main coffee-producing countries in the region, their unique histories, and the exceptional ...

A partially disassembled hand coffee grinder on a white background.

New Gear: BruTrek Camp Hand Coffee Grinder

Coffee is all about repeatability, and there's nothing more repeatable than cold, hard numbers. If you nail your extraction and your cup is perfect, you're going to want to replicate that. Unless winging it is your thing, putting yourself at the m...

Lead Roaster Dave holding a coffee tasting glass with cool gradients.

Medium > Light Roasts, Coffee Cherry Sorting, and 3D Coffee

Your Nose Smells Coffee In 3D By Zac Cadwalader for Sprudge “All of our senses come through in stereo. Except smell, arguable the most important one for drinking coffee. Our ears tell us which direction sounds come from, our sense ...

A hand holding Hawaiian coffee cherries against a courthouse background.

On the Recent Kona Coffee Lawsuit Ruling

Four years and over $33 million in settlements later, Kona coffee farmers have finally won the suit against 20+ defendants for misleading labeling and advertising of “Kona” coffee. Retailers were accused of using the Kona name on ground and whole-...

A hand extending a Chemex coffee maker out of a second-story window at night with the sun high in the sky.

Lactic Fermentation, Evening Coffee, and It's Okay to Add Sugar

Lactic fermentation: What roasters need to know By Thomas Wensma for Perfect Daily Grind “For some coffee producers, experimental processing methods are a useful way to elevate coffee flavour and quality. At the same time, more roa...

Coffee and tea emojis on a gradient background.

Coffee Substitutes, Tea Emojis, and Superautomatic Espresso Machines

A Brief History Of Alternative Coffee Substitutes By N.C. Stevens for Sprudge “It turns out, coffee can be a bit of a loose concept once we develop a taste for it. For nearly 200 years, scarcity, austerity, and ingenuity have all h...