An exploded-view diagram of an envipod. It reads (from the top), Eco-Friendly Outer Wrapper, Paper Lid, Plant-Based Ring, Fresh Roasted Coffee, and Bigger Filter, Fuller Flavor.

What are envipods®?

envipods® are our greenest product yet, made entirely of BPI certified commercially compostable materials—paper lidding and filters, corn- and sugarcane-based lids, and eco-friendly overwraps and mother bags. Additionally, envipods contain more coffee than our competitors’, giving you a fuller-bodied, more flavorful cup. And it’s not just any coffee—it’s sustainably sourced, traceable single-origin beans that both stand alone and come together to create unforgettable coffee experiences.

The wider filter allows for better saturation and, being 0.06mm thicker, creates just enough pressure to extract more completely. Like all our products, each envipod package is nitrogen flushed and sealed tight for maximum freshness. envipods brew pour over-quality coffee at the touch of a button. It doesn’t get more specialty than this.

Over the last 30+ years, the single-serve coffee pod has become part of millions of people’s daily routines around the world. While we’re all for people drinking coffee, all this convenience translates to billions of spent pods hitting landfills (or recycling bins) every year. Each pod can take between 150 and 500 years to fully break down. That’s too long.

Paired with the annual rise in atmospheric temperature, the Earth needs a break. That’s why we put the envipod through the wringer to make it as eco-conscious as possible. Every component is bio-sourced and will break down in commercial composting facilities. envipods® are just one more way we’re doing coffee a world of good.

Two envipods side by side, one standing up, and the other on its face to show the filter.


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Our ever-expanding envipod selection includes some of our bestselling blends, single-origins, decafs, half-caf, and flavored coffees.