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Save The Grounds! How to Use Coffee Grounds in the Garden

Save The Grounds! How to Use Coffee Grounds in the Garden

From Cup to Crop: Turn Coffee Waste into Garden Gold We all know that a cup of coffee can give you a morning boost, but did you know coffee grounds can also perk up your plants? While used coffee grounds can be tossed into compost with great resul...

Antique coffee grinder with dark roasted beans next to mug filled with fresh coffee

Coffee Grinders: Blade vs. Burr vs. Hand

Grinding coffee is about achieving the ideal particle size based on the extraction method, and different grinders create different sizes. For example, because it's extracted quickly under high pressure, espresso requires a fine particle size. On t...

Bowls of coffee beans on wooden table showing different roast levels: light roast, medium roast and dark roast

Roast Showdown: Exploring the Bold Flavors of Dark vs. Light Coffee

Are you team light roast or team dark roast? The battle between these two coffee roasts has been brewing for years, and coffee enthusiasts everywhere have strong opinions on which is superior. Let's dive into the heart of the matter and uncover th...