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Grinding by Weight vs. Time, Language of Coffee Flavor, and the Weiss Distribution Technique

Should you grind coffee by weight rather than time? By Zoe Stanley for Perfect Daily Grind “While both timed and gravimetric grinders can produce excellent espresso, there are some notable differences in how they grind coffee. Grav...

A coffee mug behind a podcasting microphone.

Social Initiatives for Gender Equity in Coffee, Best Coffee Podcasts, and Cryodesiccation

How can social initiatives improve gender equity in coffee production? By Benedicte Gyllensten for Perfect Daily Grind “There’s no denying that women working in coffee production face a number of unique and complex issues. Despite ...

Two botanical tea boxes among piles of loose-leaf botanicals, serving trays, a mortar and pestle, and a mug of tea.

Welcome to Positively Botanicals

We've spent the last few years cultivating the most positive wellness experience. We've sourced quality botanicals from all over the world—from the States to India to Croatia to Italy to Peru and beyond. Our products are grown without artificial d...

An espresso martini on a granite countertop.

Year of the Espresso Martini, the Fall of Soy Milk, and Pouring Latte Art at Home

Why 2022 is the year of the espresso martini By Jordan Valinsky for CNN Business “It might be 2022, but people are still ordering espresso martinis like it’s the 90s. The coffee-flavored drink has experienced such a resurgence that...

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Coffee Production in Okinawa, Morgan Eckroth on Life After WBC, and Bleached Coffee Filters

What makes coffee production in Okinawa unique? By Rachel Keen for Perfect Daily Grind “A small part of Japan also technically lies in the Bean Belt, meaning it has the right climatic conditions for coffee production. The Okinawa I...

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7 DIY Holiday Drinks

The temps may be lower and the days shorter, but the good times are popping off. Families, friends, that cousin you don't remember—everyone is coming together to celebrate. We can all count on roaring fires, ugly sweaters, string lights, and festi...