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Grinding by Weight vs. Time, Language of Coffee Flavor, and the Weiss Distribution Technique

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Christopher C. Dec 26, 2022
  • Should you grind coffee by weight rather than time?

    By Zoe Stanley for Perfect Daily Grind

    “While both timed and gravimetric grinders can produce excellent espresso, there are some notable differences in how they grind coffee. Gravimetric grinders measure the weight of the coffee as it is ground and dispensed into the portafilter. Once the pre-programmed weight has been reached (which is determined by the user), the motor will automatically shut off. […] In order to improve workflow as much as possible, grinding consistently accurate doses is important. This allows baristas to work faster, while still maintaining high-quality beverages and giving baristas more time to serve customers.”

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  • The Language of Coffee Flavor: A Century of Tasting in Review

    By Kat Melheim for Roast Magazine

    “Before [the Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel, invented in 1995], there was no visual representation or common language for flavor in the coffee industry. In the grand scheme of a centuries-old coffee trade, we have seen a massive amount of innovation within a relatively short time.”

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  • What Is WDT in Espresso? We Talked to Its Creator, John Weiss

    By Howard Bryman for Daily Coffee News

    “WDT stands for Weiss Distribution Technique, an espresso preparation technique attributed to retired computer scientist and biochemistry PhD John Weiss. The tool used to perform this technique typically involves an array of needles or other slim protrusions extending from a handheld piece. The tool is used to stir the freshly ground coffee in an espresso portafilter basket prior to tamping.”

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