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Ode to the Diner Mug

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Person holding diner mug resting on a table.
John H. Jan 05, 2023

I've been with Fresh Roasted Coffee for several years, and while I've been happy with our selection of merchandise, I always thought there was something lacking. I wanted a diner mug.

In this day of technologically advanced, double-walled, ceramic-coated, travel-safe, unspillable, self-heating, large-capacity drinkware, the diner mug has fallen out of fashion, but to me, the diner mug ranks among the best receptacles for coffee and here's why.

I've got a big travel mug that I use on a regular basis. It's great for taking coffee with me in the car. Keeps it hot, it's got a lid—you know how they work. But when I get to the office, I don't necessarily want a big travel mug on my desk. We drink a lot of different coffees here. With a diner mug, the smaller capacity means it's got less of a chance to cool off, not to mention the fact that I get up to refill it more often so it's basically an exercise machine. The coffeepot is a whopping 30-foot walk from my desk. Just getting my steps in.

The thick, ceramic walls of the diner mug get warm (not too hot), which makes it more comforting on a cold morning. Have you ever felt the comforting warmth of a travel mug? Of course not. They're designed to keep the heat in, not radiate it to your hand. Whether empty or full, it's a solid presence. It curves in a little, so it feels good if you like to lift by the cup, not the handle. The thick, solid base makes it harder to knock over if you're feeling klutzy or are sipping off a hangover. When the world is spinning, a diner mug will keep you grounded.

Image of a diner mug on a white background with text all around it.

Finally, there's the nostalgia factor. The first time I can recall drinking coffee, it was probably from my father's “World's Best Dad!” mug and probably instant. The first time I remember thinking that I could make it a habit, however, was at a diner in college and it was out of a cup pretty much like this one. This is a classic piece of Americana, beautiful in form and function. Also, I bet you've never had a bad time at a diner.

Diners aren't always known for serving great coffee though some, I'm sure, serve Fresh Roasted. What they are known for is serving it hot and fast. With an FRC Diner Mug, you can get hot, you can get fast, and you can get some of the best coffee in the world. Enjoy.

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  • TG
    Tammy Gibson

    I’m interested to see if your company offers other products like the Tea/Coffee mugs and accessories. Sincere Thanks Bless All.❤️🙏🏼

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