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An African coffee farmer sorting coffee cherries on a raised bed.

Making the Best Worst Cup of Coffee, Controlled Fermentation and Quality, and Women in East African Coffee Production

The Quest to Make the Best Worst Cup of Coffee By Alina Simone for The Atlantic “My first glass of black, undiluted, pure robusta was a punch in the neck. It was 2,000-proof vodka plus caffeine. It made me want to dive, open-mouthe...

Three bags of artisan blend coffee around a carafe pouring hot coffee into a diner mug.

The Rise of Blends in Specialty Coffee, Deep Fried Coffee, and Brewing Experimental Coffees

Are blends becoming more popular in specialty coffee? By Zoe Stanley for Perfect Daily Grind “For many years now, single origins have been popular in specialty coffee shops around the world, as well as in the World Coffee Champions...

A tall box of Sumatra espresso capsules on an orange background next to a shot of espresso.

FRC's Now in Aluminum Espresso Capsules!

The hiss of a steam wand. The texture of a bar towel. Caramel-colored crema bubbling to the surface. The weight of a portafilter in your hand and the satisfaction of a good tamp. The experience of making espresso is a tactile one. Unlike a pour ov...

An AeroPress coffee brewer on top of an image of a coffee grinder.

Brewing AeroPress with Different Grinds, Oat Milk, and the Evolution of the World Barista Championship

How can you brew coffee with the AeroPress using different grind sizes? By Thomas Wensma for Perfect Daily Grind “Considering how the AeroPress extracts coffee, there are a number of variables you need to take into account but find...

Three robots holding milk pitchers on a coffee bean background.

Picture of Finca Dorian Gray, Evolution of Milk Foaming Technology, and Ruiru 11

The Picture of Finca Dorian Gray By Sprudge “The private auction has brought in bidders from around the world, and those that couldn’t make the trip are watching online, hoping to grab one of these very exclusive coffees. The first...

A ghost deciding which coffee to get.

7 Spooky Coffee Stories, Experimental Coffee Trends, and Growing Coffee at Home

7 Spooky Coffee Stories to Tell in the Dark By Sprudge “Looking for spooky coffee stories to tell in the dark? Searching for harrowing tales of haunted cafes, werewolf baristas, bone dry cappuccino, and deadly drive-thrus? Look no ...