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Liberica, Holiday Coffee Traditions, and Weighing Milk in Coffee Shops

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Christopher C. Jan 02, 2023
  • Liberica, a rare type of coffee, could dominate by the end of the century

    By Ross Pomeroy for Big Think

    “Rising temperatures and more frequent disease threatens the popular Arabica and Robusta species, which respectively make up 55% and 45% of the market. A more resilient species of coffee called Liberica could become the leading variety by the end of the century.”

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  • ‘Tis The Season For Holiday Coffee Traditions

    By Jenn Chen for Sprudge

    “You know you’ve hit a turning point in your coffee hobby or profession when you find yourself prioritizing coffee plans before you travel. Do you pack a set of brew equipment? Rely on a handful of instant coffee packets? Or identify the specialty roasters near where you’re staying?”

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  • Should we weigh milk in coffee shops?

    By Yudi Guo for Perfect Daily Grind

    “First and foremost, weighing milk-based beverages can help to reduce milk waste, which is particularly useful for coffee shops. Most baristas are trained to carefully eyeball the amount of milk they pour for each drink, but even the most experienced baristas can sometimes use too much. Of course, this leads to leftover steamed milk, which if not used for other beverages, can quickly increase a coffee shop’s waste costs. In fact, some coffee shops can waste up to US $15 of leftover milk every day.”

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