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An illustration of the United States lovingly holding a cup of coffee whilst throwing a glass of water to the ground.

Coffee Tops Water, Typica Mejorado, and 3D Printing with Coffee Grounds

This hill tribe is teaching coffee-making to travellers in northern Thailand By Justin Meneguzzi for National Geographic “A hands-on farming day with the Lahu hill tribe offers travellers a unique insight into how remote communitie...

A photograph of Earth with eyes on a background of speech bubbles.

AC1, David Lynch and Coffee, and What Specialty Coffee Means Around the World

What does specialty coffee mean to different people around the world? By Matt Haw for Perfect Daily Grind “Objectively, we define 'specialty coffee' by a score of 80 points or above on the Specialty Coffee Association's 100-point s...

A chef mirrored, cooking coffee beans in a tall flame on a background of fresh vegetables.

Coffee May Help Depression, Co-Roasting Spaces, and Cooking with Coffee

The association between coffee consumption and risk of incident depression and anxiety: Exploring the benefits of moderate intake By Jiahao Min et al., published in Psychiatry Research, for ScienceDirect “Mental disorders contribut...

An illustration of a 1990s office printer producing blue coffee cups.

Roasting Blends, Coffee Printers, and the Pros of High-Altitude Coffee

Breaking down how to roast coffee blends By Ashe Samuels for newGround “Blends weren't avoided for so long for no reason. They can be challenging to work with and can lack the clarity of flavour found in single origin coffee. So ha...

Coffee beans going into a roaster in an iridescent oval with illustrated lips tasting coffees.

Optimal Roast Batch Size, Whole Bean > Ground, and Q Grader Recertification

Why is whole bean coffee better than ground coffee? By Lauren Loudon for newGround “Purchasing ground coffee offers clear benefits. For those without a grinder, and for those that prioritise a quick and uncomplicated brew method at...

A fully printed, blue-monochrome bag on a white platform behind two cold brew filter packs and a glass of cold brew on another platform, all on a blue background.

What Are Cold Brew Filter Packs?

Just when we thought cold brew coffee was the best it could be, the FRC R&D team went and made it better. In 2022, we crafted a brand-new blend brewed best on the rocks and put it in our Cold Brew Filter Packs. Cold brew coffee is already supe...