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A mirror image of a woman with a Drago tattoo with a robotic arm in the middle, holding a green coffee bean against a red circle.

Coffee Tattoos, AI Assessing Coffee, and How Steam Affects Milk

Bean Ink: Why Coffee And Tattoos Just Might Be The Perfect Pairing By Jenn Chen for Sprudge “When she learned that Mahlkönig had a tattoo artist in their booth at Expo this year, Kat Padlan, operations manager at Lucky's Coffee Roa...

A robot pouring water from a gooseneck kettle into a Hario V60 dripper.

Pour Over's Future, Nordic Coffee Fest, and Young People in Coffee

What's the future for pour over coffee? By Thomas Wensma for Perfect Daily Grind “In recent years, we have seen some major changes in how coffee shops and competitors prepare pour overs - largely with an overarching focus on contro...

A collage of facility photos on a yellow background.

A Facility Walkthrough in Pictures

First Impression Fresh Roasted Coffee (located at 1136 Walnut St. Ext., Sunbury) is nestled in the Susquehanna Valley in the former Sunbury Textile Mill, an hour's drive from Pennsylvania's capitol. Pulling up to the espresso-and-tan behemoth t...

An illustration of a cappuccino walking down the red carpet as paparazzi shoot photos.

True Life: Pink Bourbon, Cappuccino Makes a Comeback, and the Cold Foam 411

One Lie And A Truth: Pink Bourbon's True Origin By Zac Cadwalader for Sprudge “What's in a name? Would not a rose by any other name smell just as sweet? Have Geshas lost their price-fetching nuance now that we've done away with tha...

A closeup image of Assam TGFOP black tea.

What Is Black Tea Grading?

Getting into specialty tea is an exciting journey full of new flavors and options. Say goodbye to the “tea” you were choking down before. Most tea names are generally straightforward, but there is one sore point of confusion: tea grades. Just as c...

An illustration of the United States lovingly holding a cup of coffee whilst throwing a glass of water to the ground.

Coffee Tops Water, Typica Mejorado, and 3D Printing with Coffee Grounds

This hill tribe is teaching coffee-making to travellers in northern Thailand By Justin Meneguzzi for National Geographic “A hands-on farming day with the Lahu hill tribe offers travellers a unique insight into how remote communitie...