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Coffee beans going into a roaster in an iridescent oval with illustrated lips tasting coffees.

Optimal Roast Batch Size, Whole Bean > Ground, and Q Grader Recertification

Why is whole bean coffee better than ground coffee? By Lauren Loudon for newGround “Purchasing ground coffee offers clear benefits. For those without a grinder, and for those that prioritise a quick and uncomplicated brew method at...

A fully printed, blue-monochrome bag on a white platform behind two cold brew filter packs and a glass of cold brew on another platform, all on a blue background.

What Are Cold Brew Filter Packs?

Just when we thought cold brew coffee was the best it could be, the FRC R&D team went and made it better. In 2022, we crafted a brand-new blend brewed best on the rocks and put it in our Cold Brew Filter Packs. Cold brew coffee is already supe...

Two cinderblocks with arms looking at a cold brew coffee against a background of coffee grounds.

Plant Milks Ghost Dairy, Coffee Strengthens Concrete, and Sri Lankan Coffee

Plant milks take centre stage in the coffee sector - but what happened to dairy? By Jordan Montgomery for Coffee Intelligence “The plant milk sector has undergone a substantial amount of investment in recent years. As such, it is u...

A hockey player slapshotting a shot of espresso on an olive oil background.

Olive Oil Coffee, Ombligon, and Coffee Puck Distribution

Does olive oil coffee have a place in specialty coffee? By Janice Chinna Kanniah for Perfect Daily Grind “Over the years, specialty coffee has embraced many different flavour combinations and signature beverages. These include the ...

An orange record on a turntable next to a coffee bean album and iced coffees and music notes all around.

The Future Is Female in Uganda, Cold Coffee, and Your Brain on Coffee and Music

How the female coffee farmers of Uganda are building their livelihoods By Amy Fallon for National Geographic “From farming stock, Mary [Butsina] first went to work with her father at the age of 10. Profits from his coffee crop paid...

Two hands holding magnifying glasses with espresso shots in the sights atop a map of the world.

Why the Jitters, German Espresso Extraction Research, and Single Origins > Blends?

Are single origin coffees actually “better” than blends? By Matthew Hill for Perfect Daily Grind “Specialty coffee's fixation on single origin coffees has become more and more pronounced. As well as the perception of higher quality...