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Lactic Fermentation, Evening Coffee, and It's Okay to Add Sugar

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A hand extending a Chemex coffee maker out of a second-story window at night with the sun high in the sky.
Christopher C. Nov 13, 2023
  • Lactic fermentation: What roasters need to know

    By Thomas Wensma for Perfect Daily Grind

    “For some coffee producers, experimental processing methods are a useful way to elevate coffee flavour and quality. At the same time, more roasters and consumers are increasingly being drawn to these advanced processing techniques, and in turn are being exposed to new ways of experiencing coffee. One of these methods is lactic fermentation: a process championed by the innovative La Palma y El Tucán in Colombia. Classified as anaerobic fermentation, the process involves creating an ideal environment for the growth of lactobacillus cultures. This usually results in a creamier mouthfeel, as well as more yoghurt-like flavours.”

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  • Is evening coffee becoming more popular?

    By Ashe Samuels for newGround

    “For quite some time, the way that people drink coffee has been changing. It seemed inevitable, then, that it would cease to be limited by the daytime, and break into the night. Historically, traditional 8am to 4pm operating hours haven't given cafés much time to generate sales. However, the industry has evolved in recent years in a way that allows businesses to extend this window, and serve evening coffee. For example, as a more health-conscious, younger demographic enters the consuming market, many are shifting away from alcohol and seeking spaces that provide an alternative to bars. In some cases, an evening coffee has become a popular choice - whether in a coffee shop, or at home.”

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  • Actually, A Little Sugar In Your Coffee Isn't The End Of The World

    By Zac Cadwalader for Sprudge

    “The healthful side effects of consuming coffee normally come with one qualifier: it can't be sugary coffee. Excess sugar in one's diet has been shown to have a litany of adverse side effects, so it stands to reason that those extra pumps of vanilla in your daily latte would add up. But a new study states that, actually, you can have a little sugar in your coffee, as a treat. As reported by Medical News Today, researchers from Denmark and the Netherlands found that adding sugar to coffee and/or tea didn't have any appreciable effects on a person's health.”

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  • CoE updates rules for the first time in over two decades - what does it mean for specialty coffee producers?

    By Tasmin Grant for Perfect Daily Grind

    “Out of all the green coffee competitions in the industry, Cup of Excellence (CoE) is arguably the most recognisable and influential. Designed to acknowledge exceptional coffees and promote more transparent pricing, since 1999, the competitions (and their ensuing auctions) have helped shape specialty coffee as we know it today. On 23 October 2023 - for the first time in 24 years - CoE updated its rules to now include three distinct categories: dry process, wet process, and experimentals.”

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