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A hand holding Hawaiian coffee cherries against a courthouse background.

On the Recent Kona Coffee Lawsuit Ruling

Four years and over $33 million in settlements later, Kona coffee farmers have finally won the suit against 20+ defendants for misleading labeling and advertising of “Kona” coffee. Retailers were accused of using the Kona name on ground and whole-...

A hand extending a Chemex coffee maker out of a second-story window at night with the sun high in the sky.

Lactic Fermentation, Evening Coffee, and It's Okay to Add Sugar

Lactic fermentation: What roasters need to know By Thomas Wensma for Perfect Daily Grind “For some coffee producers, experimental processing methods are a useful way to elevate coffee flavour and quality. At the same time, more roa...

Coffee and tea emojis on a gradient background.

Coffee Substitutes, Tea Emojis, and Superautomatic Espresso Machines

A Brief History Of Alternative Coffee Substitutes By N.C. Stevens for Sprudge “It turns out, coffee can be a bit of a loose concept once we develop a taste for it. For nearly 200 years, scarcity, austerity, and ingenuity have all h...

A mirror image of a woman with a Drago tattoo with a robotic arm in the middle, holding a green coffee bean against a red circle.

Coffee Tattoos, AI Assessing Coffee, and How Steam Affects Milk

Bean Ink: Why Coffee And Tattoos Just Might Be The Perfect Pairing By Jenn Chen for Sprudge “When she learned that Mahlkönig had a tattoo artist in their booth at Expo this year, Kat Padlan, operations manager at Lucky's Coffee Roa...

A robot pouring water from a gooseneck kettle into a Hario V60 dripper.

Pour Over's Future, Nordic Coffee Fest, and Young People in Coffee

What's the future for pour over coffee? By Thomas Wensma for Perfect Daily Grind “In recent years, we have seen some major changes in how coffee shops and competitors prepare pour overs - largely with an overarching focus on contro...

A collage of facility photos on a yellow background.

A Facility Walkthrough in Pictures

First Impression Fresh Roasted Coffee (located at 1136 Walnut St. Ext., Sunbury) is nestled in the Susquehanna Valley in the former Sunbury Textile Mill, an hour's drive from Pennsylvania's capitol. Pulling up to the espresso-and-tan behemoth t...