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The Roast Levels Between

The Roast Levels Between

When it comes to roast levels, most specialty roasters use these recognizable and accessible terms to describe their coffees. Light roasts tend to be brighter and more vibrant, medium roasts are usually smoother and sweeter, and the darker roasts ...

A mirrored image of cold brew being poured into an iced glass.

Bitter Coffee Isn't Stronger, Tanzania's Generational Gap, and Brewing Coffee Best

Plunger, espresso, filter? Bitter coffee doesn’t mean ‘stronger’ By Emma Beckett for Radio New Zealand “Caffeine content only explains a small part of the strength of coffee. Thousands of compounds are extracted, contributing to ar...

A kitchen faucet spouting water.

Brewing Coffee with Tap Water, Rootstock Grafting, and the Cortado

Can I Brew Coffee with Tap Water? By Liz Clayton for Sprudge “If you’re wondering if you can brew delicious coffee with just any old wet water, the sad answer is no—at least not for everyone. Whether or not the water from your tap ...

Green lasers behind a glass of cold brew coffee.

Cold Brew with Lasers, Regenerative Agriculture, and Grinding Coffee in a Blender

Laser-extracted cold-brew coffee could be a Monday-morning game changer By Loz Blain for New Atlas “Researchers in Germany have created a laser-powered extraction system that pumps out cold-brew about 300 times faster than traditio...

An image of sencha tea on a serving board in front of a brewed mug, with a no smoking symbol on the side.

All About Japanese Tea, Aged Coffee, and How Coffee Can Help Curb Morning Nicotine Cravings

Everything You Need to Know About Japanese Tea By Oset Babür-Winter for Food & Wine “As the second-most consumed drink in the world, tea's ability to serve as a soothing ritual and smooth source of caffeine is anything but news...

An illustration of a moka pot pouring a lot of coffee on a pink background with art-deco stars around.

Direct Trade Coffee, Heirloom Coffee, and the Professional Moka Challenge

Certifications and direct trade in the coffee industry By Ana Pipunic for Perfect Daily Grind “In recent years, direct trade has become increasingly prominent in specialty coffee. The idea is simple: by reducing the number of inter...