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Social Initiatives for Gender Equity in Coffee, Best Coffee Podcasts, and Cryodesiccation

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A coffee mug behind a podcasting microphone.
Christopher C. Dec 19, 2022
  • How can social initiatives improve gender equity in coffee production?

    By Benedicte Gyllensten for Perfect Daily Grind

    “There’s no denying that women working in coffee production face a number of unique and complex issues. Despite playing a significant role in the labour involved in coffee production, women have comparatively diminished access to financial and educational resources in the coffee sector, and generally are less empowered to make decisions, hold leadership roles, and own land in a number of coffee-growing regions. In turn, this means women coffee workers typically earn significantly less money than their male counterparts.”

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  • 4 Coffee Podcasts Worth Hearing

    By Barista Magazine

    “In the last 18 years, podcasts have become a staple of media communication; they’re easy to access, cover every imaginable topic, and are available with a simple click. It’s no mystery why podcasts became so popular. Almost every possible (and impossible) topic is covered in at least one podcast nowadays, and the world of specialty coffees is no exception. Here’s a short list of some interesting podcasts that will tell you more about your favorite drink.”

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  • What Happens If You Overgrind Coffee Beans?

    By Meggan Robinson for Tasting Table

    “The reason we grind coffee to different sizes or levels is to get the ideal amount of extraction from the beans, and different brewing methods require varying degrees of grinding. Under-extracted coffee from beans ground too coarse will lead to a taste that is salty, acidic, and tart. Over-extracted coffee beans that are ground too fine will result in a cup that is tasteless and acrid.”

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  • What is cryodesiccation and how can it be used in coffee?

    By Thomas Wensma for Perfect Daily Grind

    “Anthony [Douglas, winner of the 2022 World Barista Championship] mentions that cryodesiccation helped to enhance the natural sweetness and creaminess of his milk, and ultimately created a higher-quality beverage and overall sensory experience. So how exactly does this process work, and could it have an influence on the wider specialty coffee sector?”

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