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What Are Cold Brew Filter Packs?

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A fully printed, blue-monochrome bag on a white platform behind two cold brew filter packs and a glass of cold brew on another platform, all on a blue background.
Christopher C. Sep 08, 2023

Just when we thought cold brew coffee was the best it could be, the FRC R&D team went and made it better.

In 2022, we crafted a brand-new blend brewed best on the rocks and put it in our Cold Brew Filter Packs. Cold brew coffee is already super convenient. Put in minimal work the day before and reap the benefits 'til it's time to brew another batch. That minimal work, however, can suck sometimes. Coarse-grinding medium and light roasts creates silverskin, which sticks to your grinder's dosing up (RDT helps); cold brewer filters can have slim necks, so you're spilling ground goodness all over the place; it's easy to overshoot your ratio and end up with a watery brew; some cold brewers can't steep at room temp because they're not airtight, which reduces extraction potential. Cold Brew Filter Packs make it even easier.

All you need are two Filter Packs, a sealable container, water, and patience. The waiting is the hardest part, but you don't want to rush perfection.

How To Make Cold Brew Using Cold Brew Filter Packs

  1. Find the biggest sealable container you can (please, no pickle jars, unless you're into gherkin cold brew).
  2. Place two Filter Packs, saturate with 4 cups (960g) filtered water, seal, gently agitate, and let brew for 14 - 20 hours (longer = stronger).
  3. Carefully remove and compost the Filter Packs.
  4. Decide if you want to keep your cold brew as concentrate or add 3 more cups (720g) water for a ready-to-drink brew.
  5. Serve over ice.

What Coffees Come In Cold Brew Filter Packs?

We've got FRC Cold Brew Blend, FRC Decaf Cold Brew, and our newest, Frostbite.

We started with FRC Cold Brew Blend, a coffee that flourishes in the fridge, featuring notes of silky milk chocolate, caramel, and almond butter. An all-around crowd pleaser, this coffee gives you that coffee coffee vibe you're looking for. Dress it up how you like, FRC Cold Brew retains its nutty-chocolate baseline throughout.

We don't gatekeep, so our natural next step was to create a decaf version with a similar flavor profile. FRC Decaf Cold Brew is a bit bolder. It's rich with notes of malt and dark chocolate, which play exceptionally well with a splash of oat milk and simple syrup. We love our decaf drinkers, so we sourced the finest water-decaf beans to give you the truest-to-origin taste possible. For real, though, you won't even notice it's decaf.

The newest brew on the block, Frostbite is our most eclectic cold coffee yet. It's a blend of Fair Trade Organic Central and South American and African beans with prominent notes of dark chocolate and nougat that transform into lavender as it warms up. Cooler still, Frostbite comes in a fully printed, blue-monochrome bag adorned with icicles, snowdrifts, and a yeti grinning its pick-sharp teeth from horn to horn.

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