How to Make Coffee Nutella Snack Cake

Christopher C.

Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Updated May 13, 2022

Say you’re making a big carafe of Chemex but you can’t finish it all. What do you do with that last bit? You make Coffee Nutella Snack Cake really fast before the coffee gets cold. The world’s favorite drink and hazelnut spread together in one delicious snack cake that you can eat whenever you want. Have a slice for breakfast, elevenses, lupper (the meal between lunch and supper), dessert, or at midnight under a full moon. The “snack” part of the name takes the time restriction right off this recipe, so go nuts!

Speaking of nuts, there are walnuts on it, which are full of antioxidants and omega-3s! This snack cake is indulgent, but not too rich, so even this pickiest of choco-fanatics can enjoy it.

Coffee tames what would be an overwhelmingly chocolatey sensation with a pleasant bite, balancing out the recipe. And the nuts bring in an earthy, somewhat savory vibe. You know those times you want a snack but don’t truly know what kind? This snack cake will satisfy cravings you never knew you had.

FRC baker and coffee lover Court Cizek stumbled across this recipe in the pages of Cosmopolitan and knew she had to make it her own, so let’s get to it. Break out your bread pan, parchment paper, and a mixing bowl!

To put a whole different spin on this recipe, try using different coffees. A dark roast like Dark Sumatra Mandheling will make for a bittersweet treat, while a light roast like Ethiopian Sidamo Guji will impart brighter, more floral flavors in your bread. Dark roasts tend to have smokier notes like bittersweet chocolate, toasted almonds, and dry oats, which all play well with and perfectly muddle sickly sweets. Similarly, light roasts have fruitier notes that can take a blasé confection that just tastes like bread and add some unexpected flavors to it, such as peach, raisin, or lime. Medium roasts will give you aspects of both dark and light. They’re kind of a wild card—so you’ll get some brightness and some deeper flavors.

If you somehow missed out on the Nutella craze of the 2000s, now’s the time to taste what you’ve been missing. The first espresso drink I ever had was a Nutella latte, and I still think about it. Nutella may have hit the scene hundreds of years after coffee was discovered but we think the two were made for each other. It was only a matter of time (a lot of time). And everyone loves carbs, so there’s literally no going wrong with this Coffee Nutella Snack Cake, so go make one already!

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Adapted from Snacking Cakes: Simple Treats for Anytime Cravings by Yossy Arefi.


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