How to Brew: Chemex Classic

Christopher C.

Friday, April 06, 2018

Updated September 19, 2022

The iconic, conical brainchild of German inventor Dr. Peter Schlumbohm, the Chemex has been bringing people clean, smooth cups of coffee since 1941. To learn more about Dr. Schlumbohm, Chemex, and some little-known trivia, check out our in-depth writeup here. Really, give it a looksee—I scoured decades of patent documents for this.

Though the brewer itself looks cool as heck, what earns the Chemex its laurels is its filter. Chemex filters are 30% thicker than traditional coffee filters and are thus able to strain out acidity, bitterness, oils, fats, and sediment more effectively. This leaves you with a clean, flavorful cup that boasts smooth body and finish, but let’s stop talking about how Chemex changed the coffee game forever.

Let’s learn how to make a cup of Chemex coffee!

You will need:

  • 42g medium-coarse ground coffee
  • 700g hot water
  • 8 cup Chemex Classic
  • Chemex filter (we prefer natural)
  • Gooseneck kettle
  • Scale
  • Timer
  • Mug


  • RH
    Robert Halper

    Great resource. I use a Baritza Encore burr grinder with my Chemex 6-cup. I’ve been using 6-7 tablespoons of whole beans for 24 ounces (I calculate a “cup” as 6 oz.) I’ve kept the grinder on 20 which is right in the middle and even though the coffee tasted weak, it took too long to finish brewing. When I increased the courseness it somehow tasted bitter which seems counterintuitive! Any advice? Also, do you stock the Chemex pre-folded natural filters? Thanks, Rob

  • P

    Hi, I have the same Bodum Grinder and want to do Chemex Coffee. Which of the fourteen grinds settings would you advise for the Chemex? Regards, Patrick

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