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Organic Montezuma Sunrise - Roasted Coffee

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Organic Montezuma Sunrise

Roasted Coffee


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OU Kosher Certified USDA Organic Certified


Montezuma Sunrise is a certified organic coffee with a mild body, medium roast and crisp finish. This ancient coffee blend has balanced notes of lemon wedge, pecan with a wonderfully warm and refreshing finish. Reign over this coffee blend, while you still can.

Montezuma, the great ruler of the Aztec Empire achieved great power during his reign, expanding land in Mesoamerica and maximizing his already extensive wealth. However, the king was unusually sad despite his successes. The name Montezuma means "he is one who frowns like a lord". Little is definitively known about this king due to the contradictions between traditional Mesoamerican texts and first hand accounts from the Spanish conquistadors. Here at Fresh Roasted Coffee, we put a new spin on these uncertain tales and turned Montezuma's frown upside down. Montezuma, plagued with worry and doubt about the dissolution of his great empire, found great solace in the warm sunrise at the top of Tenochtitlan, his most impressive temple. To accompany his morning ritual, Montezuma drank the nectar of the gods, a steaming cup of our very own ancient blend, Montezuma Sunrise. This mysterious blend gave him the energy and vitality to rule the great kingdom, but his constant caffeine crashes hindered him, leaving the kingdom exposed to Cortes and the Spanish invasion. Here's where the mythology gets tricky. Nobody knows how Montezuma truly died, some say his own people revolted in an angry mob, some say Cortes killed him over an other-worldly cup of coffee. All we know for sure is that this blend is the stuff of true legend.

Organic Montezuma Sunrise - Roasted Coffee

Roast Level

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light dark

Medium roasting introduces Maillard (browned and deep) notes to the cup, such as spice, caramel, and toasted nuts. Medium roasts may feature a little oil on the beans.

Organic Montezuma Sunrise - Roasted Coffee

Roast Body

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Mild Body

Often described as tea-like and smooth, mild-bodied coffees tend to be light and bright on the palate.

Cupping Notes

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Artisan Blend

Organic Montezuma Sunrise is a blend of coffees from Central America.