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What Are Frac Packs?

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A scientist examining a frac pack.
Christopher C. Oct 15, 2020

Pillow packs, fractional packs, fraction packets, portion packs, vacuum packs, one-pot packs, pot pouches, or frac packs—whatever you call them, they're all perfectly portioned packs of drip-ground coffee crafted to brew 10 to 12 full-bodied cups with little to no work. Simply tear one open, pour it into filter, and brew away. In about five minutes, you'll have a piping-hot pot that's sure to satisfy the following people:

  • office staff
  • break room respite-seekers
  • hotel, motel, or other kind of inn guests
  • congregants
  • wedding guests
  • potential car buyers
  • event attendees
  • restaurant regulars
  • people who drink a lot of drip coffee
  • and more!

Frac packs are the best way to brew lots of coffee with none of the work.


When you've got other things going on, such as running your business, you don't have much time to worry about the little things. Lucky for you, frac packs make a big thing like coffee easy. With innumerable guests to attend to or a lunch rush, taking the trouble of measuring and grinding coffee away will save you precious time. Anyone can make frac pack coffee. The burden of brewing the next pot can be shared by everyone. It's called teamwork.

Say you're not running a restaurant, but you want to go that extra mile for your customers. Frac packs help build goodwill in your community. Let's face it, coffee brings all the people together. And if your coffee is Fresh Roasted Coffee, you're gonna make a lot of people happy. They'll not only associate your car dealership or quaint B&B with the service, but they'll also remember the coffee, which leads to repeat customers.

Good coffee makes good business.


You don't see too many roasters putting their specialty coffee in frac packs. That's why we make them. From the beginning, Fresh Roasted Coffee's mission has been to make coffee for everybody. Since the frac pack segment has long since had to choke down bitter, burnt, bland, bad coffee, we knew there was some good we could do. Every coffee that goes into our frac packs is sourced and roasted with the same care and precision given to any of our other products. For many people, a delicious cup of coffee is something they rely on, so that's what we give them. Nothing but the best since 2009.


As with all things, we start with the finest coffees the world has to offer, all specialty-grade. Each are roasted using the same profiles we use for bagged whole bean. From there, the coffees are precision ground on frequently calibrated Ditting grinders before being vacuumed into our Viking frac pack machine. Grounds are funneled in either 1.75 or 2.5 oz. portions into fully printed rollstock that encases the coffee. Before they're sealed, each frac pack is nitrogen flushed to remove any flavor-stealing oxygen, which helps extend its shelf-life and freshness. We hand-pack each box, the counts of which vary from 42 – 126 or 36 – 96 depending on frac size. Each box of perfectly portioned packs receives a stack of 42 regular flat-bottom filters, so you can start brewing right away.

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