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Variety Frac Pack, 2.25 oz - Coffee Portion Packs

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Variety Frac Pack, 2.25 oz

Coffee Portion Packs


FRC Light, Medium, and Dark Roast Frac Packs - 36 count variety

Whether you crave a deep, dark roast or a bright, light roast or something smooth and tasty in the middle, this box has everything.

This kit contains:

  • FRC Dark Roast Blend, 12 Frac Packs
  • FRC Medium Roast Blend, 12 Frac Packs
  • FRC Light Roast Blend, 12 Frac Packs

What's a Frac Pack?

Frac packed coffee is pre-ground and packed into individual and disposable packaging. Each coffee portion pack is precisely measured out into 2.25 oz. servings, providing the perfect amount of grounds to brew a rich, balanced and aromatic pot of coffee.

Frac packs are not only convenient, they're a cost-effective coffee solution for at home, the office, church socials, hotels, bed & breakfasts, restaurants and more. A standard coffee pot is all you need to use these freshly roasted coffee portion packs. We even include standard basket filters in every box!

Frac Pack boxes are recyclable and the used coffee grounds and filters can be composted, creating a smaller ecological footprint than alternative convenient coffee solutions.