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A Facility Walkthrough in Pictures

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A collage of facility photos on a yellow background.
Christopher C. Oct 17, 2023
Exterior photograph of Fresh Roasted Coffee.

First Impression

Fresh Roasted Coffee (located at 1136 Walnut St. Ext., Sunbury) is nestled in the Susquehanna Valley in the former Sunbury Textile Mill, an hour's drive from Pennsylvania's capitol. Pulling up to the espresso-and-tan behemoth that is our building, you have your pick of parking space, but we recommend the ones closest to the door on the right. They're reserved for you, after all.

A round garment rack in the middle of a store with coffee bags, brewers, filters, and accessories on other shelves.

We've Got So Much In Store

Your first look at the innerworkings of Fresh Roasted Coffee (and Positively Tea and Positively Botanicals) is our storefront. Racks on racks of almost everything we sell sits beneath a matte black, exposed ceiling. Though you'll find all your essentials here—including in-store-only deals—we can always track down what you're looking for. We have it all: whole-bean coffee, pods, tea bags, sachets, cold brew filter packs, espresso capsules, merch, filters, brewers, botanicals, envipods, and probably more. To the general public, this is where the Fresh Roasted experience ends, but really, the journey has only just begun.

Tables full of coffee and tea bags in a shipping department.
Four-tiered shelves full of coffee pod boxes beside a woman folding a cardboard box.

Ship It Real Good

A set of double doors open on the shipping department, which is always buzzing with activity. At the front, you have tables brimming with fresh orders and several people filling boxes and bubble mailers with the good stuff. This is where labels are printed, tape guns screech, kraft paper crinkles, grinders grind, sealers seal, and dreams come true. At the back is “The Cave.” Not as ominous as it sounds, The Cave is a U-shaped arrangement of shelves that all our fresh coffee pods chill on. Nearby are our espresso capsules and envipods.

Human coffee roaster walking away from a line of non-human coffee roasters.

Coffee Is The Powerhouse Of The Cell

From there, we enter the mighty mitochondria of Fresh Roasted Coffee, more commonly known as production. Four gleaming Loring Smart Roasters churn out over 1.5 million pounds of freshly roasted coffee each year, which makes it way to different machines around the facility. Closest is our Viking frac pack machine, which makes both fractionally packaged coffee and cold brew filter packs. Then we have our six-lane pod machine, which not only individually and bulk packages envipods, but it also packs classic coffee pods in boxes. The machine folds the boxes. It's insane. The future is now. Beyond that, we have our espresso capsule, sachet, and original coffee pod machines.

Pallets of upright burlap coffee sacks in a coffee production facility.

Exploring Green Country

Welcome to Green Country! While we have more green coffee in reserve than you can imagine, this is where we keep the coffee sacks we're currently picking from. That's right, we don't sell any pre-roasted coffee—fresh is the only way we do it. Our roasters truck state-of-the-art Loring Bean Carts over, weigh out what they'll need to fulfill orders, and get to it. If you're used to store-bought ground coffee, chances are you've never seen a whole coffee bean, let alone one before it's roasted. Bet you didn’t know that not all green coffee is green. Check out Indian Monsoon Malabar. It's gorgeous.

Industrial racks of burlap coffee sacks stacked nearly to the ceiling.

Trillions Of Beans

Moving on, we get into our green storage. At any time, we have about a million pounds of green coffee on hand from all over the world. What you see here isn't even a fraction of it. What? Did you really think we’d give everything away? If you want to see everything, you’ll just have to watch out for behind-the-scenes stuff on our socials.

Coffee's Journey

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the coffee you love went through so much before it came to you. Heck, even before it came to us. Coffee plants mature 3 - 4 years after planting. Once they're perfectly ripe, the cherries are picked, sorted, fermented, washed, dried, milled, exported, imported, cupped, evaluated, test roasted, reevaluated, production roasted, bagged, nitrogen flushed, sealed, shipped, received, ground, brewed, and enjoyed.

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