Types of Coffee Roasts & Flavor Profiles

Determine Your Preferred Coffee Roast

Light Roast Coffee Logo

Light Roast:

Light roast coffee beans are light brown in color and are a preferred roast for more mild-bodied coffees. Light roast coffee should not have any oil on the surface of the coffee beans. If you prefer light, fragrant, floral or fruity coffee notes - you'll enjoy a light roast coffee.

AKA: Light City, Half City, Cinnamon, New England

Medium Roast Coffee Logo

Medium Roast:

Medium roast coffee is medium brown in color with a non-oily surface. Traditionally, a medium roast is the most preferred type of coffee roast in America. If you prefer a flavorful, traditional cup of coffee you'll enjoy a medium roast.

AKA: City, American, Breakfast

Medium Dark Roast Coffee Logo

Medium-Dark Roast:

Medium-dark roast coffee beans are a rich, dark brown color with a semi-oily surface. This type of roast produces a modest bittersweet aftertaste. If you prefer slight bittersweet notes and deep flavors, you'll enjoy a medium-dark roast.

AKA: Full City

Dark Roast

Dark Roast:

Dark roast coffee beans are nearly black, oily and produce a noticeable bitterness. The darker the coffee bean, the less acidity will be present in the coffee. If you prefer a heavy mouthfeel and strong flavor, you'll enjoy a dark roast coffee.

AKA: High, Continental, New Orleans, European, Espresso, Viennese, Italian, French

Determine Your Preferred Coffee Flavor Profile


Coffee with a mild body is not sharp, pungent or strong. Many light roast coffees normally possess a mild flavor profile.


Coffee with a bold body has a strong and noticeable flavor. Coffees from medium to dark roast levels normally possess a bold flavor profile.

Extra Bold:

Coffee with an extra bold body has flavors that are extremely strong and pronounced. Dark roast coffees normally possess an extra bold flavor profile.

  • Do you have a blend that include light, medium, and dark roasted beans?

    Wesley Wilson on
  • I enjoyed your Sumatra dark and Costa Rican Dark coffee pods. Do yo have suggestions for euro style pods with low acidity?

    Cynthia on
  • Yes which coffee has the least acidity which would you consider and does it come in half cafe. and are all your coffee organic

    Jeanette Cintron on
  • Hello I love coffee but recently I found out I have bad GERD and Acid Reflux and I need a coffee with the least acidity, as not to upset my stomach. Which coffees do you recommend.

    Maria on
  • Hi

    Where can I purchase your coffee. I live on Cape Cod, MA. Is it preground and will it work well in an electric perk.

    Thanks, Joy

    Joy Long on

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