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Types of Coffee Roasts & Coffee Flavor Profiles

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Types of Coffee Roasts & Coffee Flavor Profiles
Marlena S. Jan 29, 2020

Determine Your Preferred Coffee Roast Level

Light Roast Coffee Logo

Light Roast Coffee

Light roast coffee beans are light brown in color and are a preferred roast for more mild-bodied coffees. Light roast coffee should not have any oil on the surface of the coffee beans. If you prefer light, fragrant, floral or fruity coffee notes - you'll enjoy a light roast coffee.

AKA: Light City, Half City, Cinnamon, New England

Medium Roast Coffee Logo

Medium Roast Coffee

Medium roast coffee is medium brown in color with a non-oily surface. Traditionally, a medium roast is the most preferred type of coffee roast in America. If you prefer a flavorful, traditional cup of coffee you'll enjoy a medium roast.

AKA: City, American, Breakfast

Medium Dark Roast Coffee Logo

Medium-Dark Roast Coffee

Medium-dark roast coffee beans are a rich, dark brown color with a semi-oily surface. This type of roast produces a modest bittersweet aftertaste. If you prefer slight bittersweet notes and deep flavors, you'll enjoy a medium-dark roast.

AKA: Full City

Dark Roast Coffee Logo

Dark Roast Coffee

Dark roast coffee beans are nearly black, oily and produce a noticeable bitterness. The darker the coffee bean, the less acidity will be present in the coffee. If you prefer a heavy mouthfeel and strong flavor, you'll enjoy a dark roast coffee.

AKA: High, Continental, New Orleans, European, Espresso, Viennese, Italian, French

Determine Your Preferred Coffee Flavor Profile


Coffee with a mild body is not sharp, pungent or strong. Many light roast coffees normally possess a mild flavor profile.


Coffee with a bold body has a strong and noticeable flavor. Coffees from medium to dark roast levels normally possess a bold flavor profile.

Extra Bold

Coffee with an extra bold body has flavors that are extremely strong and pronounced. Dark roast coffees normally possess an extra bold flavor profile.


  • LR
    Lexi Royal

    Hey there! Trying all of your different options it feels like and I haven’t been disappointed by one! The two that stuck out to me were the French Roast and the Drago. I’ve used them for drip and cold brew. I just purchased an automatic espresso machine and was wondering if there were options similar to these two that weren’t as oily? Much love, Lexi!

    FRC Logo Icon
    Team FRC

    The grinders in automatic machines can be fussy particularly with dark roasted coffees which tend to express oil more quickly than lighter roasts. ALL roasted coffee beans can express oil in time, but the darker ones do it much faster. Check out medium roasts like Tiger Nebula and Dark Nebula - both of which were blended to make stellar espresso!

    If you can’t live without your dark roasts, try rolling your beans in a kitchen towel just prior to putting them in your machine. This takes the surface oil off the beans and helps prevent clogging in the grinder.

  • KH
    Kathy Hume

    I have a friend that lives in Tennessee. Do you ship to Tennessee? Thank you, Kathy Hume

    FRC Logo Icon
    Team FRC

    Of course we ship to Tennessee! We ship to all 50 states, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam… In the contiguous US (that’s the lower 48 states) orders over $35 ship FREE if you select standard shipping. Expedited costs extra.

  • CW
    Charles R. Williams

    Do you put a “roasted on” date on the coffee? What is the usual time between roasting and delivery (Massachusetts)? Thanks.

    FRC Logo Icon
    Team FRC

    Sure do! You’ll see a small sticker on every bag of Fresh Roasted Coffee that shows the roast date. It may look something like 22-001. That translates as year 2022, day 1 (January 1st). 22-035 would be February 4th, 22-036 would be February 5th, all the way to 22-365 - December 31st…you get the idea.

    As far as the time between roasting and delivery, that depends a little bit on your delivery person but for the most part, orders received before 2:00 PM Sunday through Thursday get roasted the same night and shipped the next day. Coffee pods can take a little longer since the coffee has to de-gas before we can put it in the cups (nobody like an exploding coffee pod!) but particularly here on the east coast / mid-Atlantic, the carriers are getting our packages to you in 2-3 days. So in your case, an order placed on Monday morning could potentially be in your hands by Thursday - weather delays, etc. notwithstanding.

  • EG
    Ed G

    We’re planning to start a business in Las Vegas and roasting coffee is one of them. We’re interested on your products. Is there a sampler pack raw coffee beans available for us to try?

    FRC Logo Icon
    Team FRC

    Sure do! Check out the unroasted variety packs we have available right now!

  • SS
    Steve Sylvester

    Hi, I was recently in Costa Rica and had the most amazing coffee in Tamarindo . It was like drinking velvet . Was it Tarrazu ?

    FRC Logo Icon
    Team FRC

    Well, we’re honestly not sure as Costa Rica has a number of growing regions but we know we love the smooth, silky taste of our Tarrazu!

  • K

    Thank you so much

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