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Virunga for the People

Following a militia occupation in Kivu, Virunga Coffee Company was formed to restore operations and improve Kivu’s production capacity and quality. Virunga has implemented eco- and socio-positive programs that serve to educate and train Congolese farmers, such as agronomist-overseen tree planting, public disease prevention, and farming equipment discounts and incentives.

With coffee as its catalyst, the company’s vision for Kivu expands well beyond the growing fields. Education, mosquito net distribution, daycare for coffee workers’ children, school supplies, and IT training are among Virunga’s plans for the bright future for Kivu.

Virunga has established seven washing stations throughout Kivu, which helps facilitate further change, such as organic certification and higher premiums.


The benefits of organic certification for the producers and the roasters are huge. Certification gives access to markets otherwise unavailable, better pricing, and eligibility for grants and financial assistance, among other things.

Fresh Roasted Congo

Our Organic Congo Kivu coffee is distinctly zesty and vibrant. As a light roast, this coffee is both sweet and herbaceous with a syrupy body and a blood orange zest finish. The full-bodied flavor of Congo Kivu coffee fills the palate and is sure to be a favorite for any light roast coffee lover.


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