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The Aficionado - Coffee Gift Set

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The Aficionado

Coffee Gift Set


The Avensi Vida + FRC's Limited Release of Ethiopian Guji Wubanchi

You care about good coffee. So why not use a cup that brings out the full potential of your coffee’s flavor? 

AVENSI is a handcrafted glass masterpiece. Refined and tested by over 90 coffee experts from 30+ countries, AVENSI is a brand new category of scientifically engineered double-wall coffee cups designed to capture coffee’s complex aromas, tastes, and flavors, and deliver them to your senses better than any existing product.

Similar to wine and spirit glasses, swirling amplifies your coffee’s flavor through taste and aroma. Avensi designed the optimal shape and curvature of the glass to maximize the area of your coffee when you swirl. This simple action aerates and oxidizes your coffee revealing a spectrum of dormant aromas and flavors in your brew.

Pair this beautiful cup with a beautiful coffee. Here's our recommendation.

After the success of our Ethiopian Idido Ajere, we decided to continue with some very special (and very limited) African varietals. Guji Wubanchi is a fully washed and sun-dried coffee that's silky smooth and extraordinarily flavorful. At a light roast, Guji Wubanchi has a delicate, clean taste with a wine-like tannic aftertaste. Our notes include caramel and chamomile with fruity, floral notes of green apple, key lime, and hibiscus. 

Kit contains:

  • Avensi Vida
  • 12 oz Guji Wubanchi (whole bean)
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