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FRC Decaf Blend - Sachet Singles

*Packaging may vary

FRC Decaf Blend

Sachet Singles


Fresh Roasted Coffee Sachet Singles

Fresh Roasted Coffee is now in convenient, delicious sachet singles! No machines, no filters, no measuring - just add hot water* and enjoy taste that beats instant coffee.

Each Fresh Roasted Coffee Sachet Single is filled with perfectly roasted, perfectly ground coffee in an individually wrapped filter pack. Every pack is nitrogen-flushed to ensure long-term freshness.

Whether you're in at home, on vacation, or deep in the woods, you can enjoy a terrific cup of coffee with no fuss and no mess.

FRC Decaf Sachets

This intense, rich decaf coffee is the perfect choice for coffee lovers who want a full-bodied, flavorful cup without the caffeine. This nutty and sweet decaf offering also has had 99.9% of its caffeine removed using the Swiss Water decaffeination method.

This blend of South American coffee beans is responsibly sourced and perfectly roasted using our state-of-the-art smokeless roasting technology.


  1. Remove coffee sachet from packaging and place into mug with tag hanging outside
  2. Pour 6-10 oz of near-boiling water onto sachet, making sure to saturate completely
  3. Steep for at least 3 minutes, occasionally dunking sachet
  4. Remove and discard sachet (Carefully! Sachet will be hot!)
  5. Enjoy! Adjust to your taste by changing water temperature, volume, or steep time.

*Can't stand the heat? Pour brewed coffee over ice or steep at room temperature for 16-24 hours for delicious cold brew concentrate.