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Jasmine - Tea Bags

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Tea Bags
High Caffeine KosherUSDA Organic

What's Inside?

Our Jasmine Green tea is a floral blend of Chinese green tea and downy-needle jasmine blossoms. A full-bodied infusion of this green tea produces a stunning jasmine aroma with fragrant and floral flavor.

Here at Positively Tea, we’re curating the world’s most positive tea experience. We believe that high-quality tea products promote overall health and well-being. Tea is meant to be enjoyed, and the process, brewing either loose-leaf or bagged tea, should be as health-conscious as possible. We’re proud to offer exclusively bleach and glue-free tea bags so that every Positively Tea customer can enjoy the natural flavors and benefits without the use of toxic glues and chemicals. Our entire product line is USDA certified organic and sourced with the utmost care so you always arrive at an outstanding cup of tea.

OU Kosher Certified USDA Organic Certified


Organic Green Tea, Natural Jasmine Flavor

Steeping Instructions

1 - 3 minutes

170 - 180℉

Tasting Notes

Fragrant, Floral, Jasmine

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