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Flavored Black Tea Sampler

Loose Leaf Tea
KosherUSDA Organic

What's Inside?


Enjoy three 4 oz. samples of our most popular organic flavored black teas!

Organic Juicy Peach Black Tea

Juicy Peach black tea is a sweet and mellow blend of organic black tea, organic peach pieces, organic marigold petals and natural peach flavoring. A perfect option for those who enjoy a sweet, floral and fruity tea.

Organic Passion Fruit Black Tea

Passion Fruit Black tea is perfectly balanced blend of bold, organic black tea bursting with tropical passion fruit flavor. Excellent both hot and iced. This organic black tea contains an organic black tea base with organic marigold petals and is infused with an all natural passion fruit flavoring.

Organic Mango Tango Tea

Mango Tango black tea is a delicious and summery iced tea blend of bold, organic Indian Black Tea, organic lemon peels and natural lemon and mango flavoring. A must try for sun tea!