4 ounce bags of Lovers Cup Black Tea, Choco Coco Joy black tea, and Butterscotch Black Tea.

*Packaging may vary

Dessert Tea Bundle

Loose Leaf Tea
KosherUSDA Organic

What's Inside?

Enjoy three 4 oz. bags of our most popular organic dessert teas!

Organic Lover's Cup Tea*

Lover's Cup Black Tea is a seductive blend of organic Indian black tea, organic chocolate chips* and natural raspberry and chocolate flavors. This sweet and decadent black tea is best enjoyed on a romantic afternoon with your swee-tea!

Organic Choco Coco Joy Tea*

Choco Coco Joy black tea is a candy bar inspired treat. This sweet black tea is bursting with nutty notes of chocolate, caramel and coconut. Delicious served hot with a dash of milk, or sipped iced in the heat of summer. Drink your dessert without the guilt!

Organic Butterscotch Black Tea

This rich and buttery organic black tea is highlighted by a natural butterscotch flavor. The black tea's overall flavor is strong with a well complemented buttery, sweet finish.

*Allergen Warning

Lover's Cup contains SOY (chocolate chips), Choco Coco Joy contains SOY (chocolate chips)