frc-indian-monsooned-water-decaf-unroasted-green-coffee-beans frc-indian-monsoon-malabar-water-decaf-unroasted-green-coffee frc-unroasted-green-coffee-beans-bag-back frc-unroasted-green-coffee-beans-bag-side-left frc-unroasted-green-coffee-beans-bag-side-right Unroasted Indian Monsoon Malabar Water Decaf Green Coffee

To bring out the rich and unusual flavor of our Indian Monsoon Malabar Water Decaf green coffee, we recommend roasting to a medium to dark roast level. This green coffee is decaffeinated using the Royal Select Water Process which is chemical free and eliminates 99.9% of caffeine without sacrificing flavor.

The traditional method of "monsooning" creates a specialized flavor that coffee lovers will not find anywhere else than Indian Malabar coffees. Both components of this excellent half caff coffee used the monsooning method to recreate the original conditions of green coffee being transported in the hulls of ships. Modern day monsooning is done in warehouses and creates a distinctly rich and earthen flavor. 

Our unroasted, green coffee selection is intended for roasting purposes.

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  • Certifications: Royal Select Water Process
  • Caffeine Level: Decaffeinated
  • Recommended Roast: Medium - Dark
  • Origin: Mysore, India
  • Altitude: 914 - 1,828 meters ASL
  • Varietal: Kents, Cauwery
  • Process: Monsoon Process
  • Drying: Sun dried
  • Harvest: November - February 
  • Export: October - February
*California residents: Click for Proposition 65 warning.