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Holidays with Hario - Coffee Gift Set

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Holidays with Hario

Coffee Gift Set


Holidays with Hario - Coffee Gift Set

In honor of the unique omniroast* nature of the delicious 2023 Holiday Blend, we've put together this gorgeously giftable cold brew bundle.

The Hario Cold Brew Pitcher is cold brew made easy and convenient! Place coffee grounds in the strainer, pour cold water into the carafe through the coffee grounds, and refrigerate for at least 8 hours. Increase steep time for a coffee with more strength.

Holiday Blend 2023 is a departure from years past. It's sweeter with a rich depth of flavor and a spicy freshness. A blend of Central American and African coffees designed to delight and inspire.

Also included in this bundle, our cooler than cool Coffee for Everybody mason jar!

If there's a cold brew fanatic in your life, this gift set will make you the hero of the holiday season!

*Roastmaster Dave also classifies Holiday Blend 2023 as an omniroast which means it's delicious as drip coffee, espresso, cold brew, or whatever your preferred method might be.