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Ethiopian Guji Wubanchi - Roasted Coffee

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Ethiopian Guji Wubanchi

Roasted Coffee


Limited Release:

Ethiopian Guji Wubanchi

After the success of our Ethiopian Idido Ajere, we decided to continue with some very special (and very limited) African varietals. Guji Wubanchi is a fully washed and sun dried coffee that's silky smooth and extraordinarily flavorful. At a light roast, Guji Wubanchi has a delicate, clean taste with a wine-like tannic aftertaste. Our notes include caramel and chamomile with fruity, floral notes of green apple, key lime, and hibiscus. 

We're so excited to offer this but as it was a small one-time buy, we're limiting purchases to two 12 oz bags per order. No subscriptions will be available.

Once this lot is gone, it's gone forever so try it before it's too late!