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Escali® London Sip Manual Coffee Grinder

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Escali® London Sip Manual Coffee Grinder



Escali® London Sip Coffee Grinder

We’ve always thought the best kind of coffee is slow coffee, the kind you pore over every step of. With the London Sip Hand Grinder, you can make your daily coffee ritual that much more tactile. A no-nonsense grinder with adjustable, ceramic burrs for an even grind and an ergonomic design that fits perfectly in your palm. Grind up to 42g in a single dose. Consider it exercise, if you like.

There’s no grinder that puts you more in the coffee moment than a hand grinder. You’ll taste the huge difference grinding just before brewing can make.

To dial in your perferred grind, start with this guide.

From 0 (the dial clicked all the way to the right).

  • 2 clicks = fine grind
  • 6 clicks = medium grind
  • 10 clicks = coarse grind
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