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BruTrek® Camp Coffee Hand Grinder

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BruTrek® Camp Coffee Hand Grinder



BruTrek® Camp Coffee Hand Grinder

Introducing the Camp Coffee Hand Grinder from BruTrek, your rugged companion for unforgettable adventures. Born out of a search for a grinder that could meet the most rugged needs, this exceptional grinder was designed to make you the campsite favorite. Its 32-40g holding capacity (depending on coffee bean density) ensures you can make plenty of coffee, whether you’re in the great outdoors or at home. The Camp Coffee Hand Grinder features an adjusting gasket, allowing you to grind your way from bold espresso shots to smooth pour-overs. With its durable construction and versatile grind settings, this grinder is ready to join you on all your escapades, bringing the perfect cup of coffee to every adventure.

  • Superior Grinding Performance: Precision-engineered stainless steel burrs ensure a consistent grind size, allowing you to extract the optimal flavors from your favorite coffee beans.
  • Adjustable Grind Settings: With adjustable grind settings, this grinder caters to a range of brewing methods, from espresso to pour-over, allowing you to customize your coffee experience.
  • Effortless Grinding Experience:  Say goodbye to manual grinding struggles. The BruTrek Camp Coffee Hand Grinder features a leveraged grind mechanism, revolutionizing the grinding process.
  • Craftsmanship that Endures: The BruTrek Camp Coffee Hand Grinder is made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity, so you can continue enjoying freshly ground coffee in the wilderness for years.
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