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Airscape® Bucket Lid Insert

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Airscape® Bucket Lid Insert



Need a solution for bulk green or roasted coffee storage?

The Airscape® Bucket Lid Insert is the ultimate bulk storage solution. Designed to fit snugly inside standard 5-gallon buckets  (or any bucket with an 11.9″ diameter) this insert maximizes storage capacity while ensuring maximum freshness. It’s ideal for storing large amounts of coffee, but could also be used for BBQ pellets, pet food storage, hops, or anywhere airtight storage is required.

The Bucket Lid utilizes the same Airscape® technology but in a bigger size. It integrates a Fresh-port™ valve that allows bucket contents to be flushed with inert gasses even better for preserving the goods’ life and a degassing lid to self-burp and release any carbon dioxide buildup.

Note: This product is the lid / insert only – bucket not included.