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Are you all about Alexa? Try this new skill!

"Alexa, open Fresh Roasted Coffee!"

Whether you use an Echo Dot, a Show, a Fire TV, or anything else with an Alexa connection you can order Fresh Roasted Coffee any time, day or night!

You can browse our store with your visual Alexa-powered device or simply say, "Alexa, browse Fresh Roasted Coffee."

Once you’ve made your selection, Alexa will send your order to us. We’ll get your coffee roasted, packed, and on its way to you quicker than you can say, "Alexa, Fresh Roasted Coffee is my favorite coffee roaster!"*

Re-orders are a snap and you’ll save 10%** by placing your order through your Alexa-powered device. Once you’re in the Fresh Roasted Coffee store, simply say, "Alexa, repeat my last order." Alexa will confirm your order and get your coffee in the roasting queue!***

Here at Fresh Roasted Coffee, we’re not just about making exceptional, affordable coffee. We also want your experience to be quick and convenient so you have more time to enjoy your life - and a great cup of coffee.

*Placing orders with Alexa requires an Amazon account. Payments are processed through Amazon Pay and may require confirmation from your Amazon account or authorization PIN. Order confirmations are sent from info@freshroastedcoffee.com.

**“Discount applies only for re-orders made via the Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Skill on Alexa. Discount may not be used in conjunction with other discount codes.

***Re-orders require an Amazon account as well as a Fresh Roasted Coffee account. The e-mail address for your Fresh Roasted Coffee account must match the email address used for your Amazon purchases in order to connect your account.