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Colombia Huila

Christopher C.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

While there’s no doubt that the coffee beans from Colombia are synonymous with the traditional flavor of coffee, this Colombian Huila is anything but traditional, boasting notes of almond brittle, passion fruit, and cherry. These eclectic flavors are in equal parts thanks to its super-high growing altitude (maxing out at a whopping 2,000 masl) and its meticulous processing. Terra Coffee SAS’s vibrant community of 50 producers follow a double fermentation protocol, which helps create a fruit-forward profile in the cup.

Hands scooping up washed coffee cherries.

Following harvest, the cherries are fermented for 36 – 40 hours and depulped, after which they’re fermented for 40 – 50 more hours. All this controlled fermentation aids in breaking down sugar molecules, producing flavor-changing acids and alcohols. As coffee’s third wave wears on, consumers are looking for more unique coffees, like this double macerated Caturra. Following fermentation, the coffee is washed and gently solar-dried for 12 – 15 days.

Hands holding fermented coffee seeds.

To maintain and highlight this coffee’s world-class flavor, we bring it to a medium roast to add a little browned sweetness to balance out its bright passion fruit and cherry notes. Colombian coffee is always a delicious go-to, and we think this Roaster’s Choice selection is going to change how you look at the region. Simply, Colombian Huila turns “traditional” into exceptional.


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