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What is Omni-Roast Coffee?

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Christopher C. Apr 25, 2022

The simple answer: a method of roasting that opens a coffee up to multiple brewing methods. I thought all coffees were already like that. Not exactly. Some coffees are better suited to certain brewing methods, hence the existence of the “espresso roast.” A coffee that tastes amazing in a Chemex may not in an AeroPress. Coffee made using one method may lose some of the nuanced flavors when brewed another way.

If you're the kind of person who likes to switch their brewing method up (espresso one day, V60 the next, siphon on special occasions), omni-roasts are crucial, otherwise you'd have to buy different coffees for each of your brewing do-dads.

How do you Omni-roast?

While an omni-roast coffee begins with the roaster, it finds success with the barista (at home or your favorite café). But isn't that how all coffee is? Again, not exactly. Most coffees are formulated for either espresso or filter. Espressos tend to be on the darker side to make them more soluble. Filter coffee hangs around the light-medium range because it's less soluble. Omni-roast coffee throws this out the window. For the roaster, they're aiming for balance in the cup—not too bright, not too smoky, just right.

The barista then dials in grinds for different brew methods, tweaking them till they hit that sweet spot where the coffee sings. Can't you do that with any coffee? *Sighs* Not exactly. You can grind your super-light roast very fine for espresso, but there'll still be something lacking. Similarly, you can cold brew a pitch-black dark roast, but you won't get much more than bitterness.

An omni-roast features a balance of light- and dark-roast notes, such is the case with our Organic White Knight. We taste cocoa, clean, and bing cherry. The cocoa will present more as espresso, clean and bing cherry will come forward in a filter, but you'll still get a taste of all three any way you make it.

Where do I start with Omni-roast Coffee?

Since you're already a Fresh Roasted Coffee superfan, the best place to start is right here! Most of our artisan blends have been specially crafted to taste great across many different brewing devices. While the majority of our artisan blends hit the spot any way they're brewed, the ones we've been gravitating towards lately are Drago, Tiger Nebula, and Fog Kicker.

Drago's full body and smooth notes of butter rum and lemon zest lend themselves perfectly to an omni-roast. Drago's our go-to for cold brew, is no stranger to our Moccamaster, and blooms and tastes like none other in a Chemex. If that weren't enough, it's also straight fire as espresso, making a Dragoccino to die for.

Long-time FRC favorite, Tiger Nebula makes a mean cold brew, is constantly on drip in the office, and pulls espresso shots with so much crema, it feels like a dessert. We taste citrus zest and dark chocolate. It might sound lame, but this coffee is out of this world.

Light roasts are sometimes overlooked as omni-roasts, but Fog Kicker isn't just any old light roast. Pour overs bring out its clean cherry notes, AeroPress and espresso bring out its decadent caramel undertones, and it's a solid go-to for your drip or single-serve brewer on those mornings you're already late.

Should you try Omni-roast Coffee?

The way you make your coffee can make a world of difference. Pour overs favor a coffee's more delicate floral and fruity flavors. A French press gives you full-bodied flavor that leans into a coffee's chocolatey, Maillard notes. The way you make your coffee can highlight some exquisite flavors or disguise some less-than-desirable ones. Some flavors take center stage in your cup and some fade into bland obscurity depending on how you make them. Some coffees, though, are delicious no matter what extraction method you use.

TL;DR Our artisan blends make impeccable omni-roasts, perfect in any brewer you choose.

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  • BN
    Ben N

    I love Drago! I drink it almost exclusively. It is my measuring stick in which I compare all other coffee to. It’s pretty much ruined all other coffee for me :D

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