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Shipping Times: FRC vs. The Other Guys

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Christopher C. Jul 22, 2022

We hear it all the time. When I order your coffee from Amazon or Walmart, it arrives sooner than when I buy it directly from you. What gives? Well, I'll tell you what gives, valued customer.

When you order coffee from a big-box store or an online marketplace, an employee (or maybe a cute robot!) at a distribution center, or a warehouse, walks to the bin where it's stored, puts it in a box, and ships it off. That's it. That coffee may or may not be stored in a cool, dark space (like we recommend) or maybe it's hot and humid and under bright lights. It may be stored next to something ~smelly~ like a bin of rose-scented car deodorizers or a split can of paint thinner. Coffee is porous, so it absorbs the aromas of everything around it. Everything. It may be handled gently, and the stock rotated appropriately—or they may shoot free throws with a 2 LB. bag, put the new stuff in front, and just generally not handle the merchandise with care.

At Fresh Roasted Coffee, Dave and Todd pick the unroasted coffee, roast it, Lydia bags and nitrogen flushes it, a whole team (Tamara, Bob, Rylly, and more) package it, and Paige and Kenzie ship orders all day long. If it's pods, Drew grinds it, Nick and Noah run it through the pod-making machine, and Kelly and Rachel pick and pack the orders. Sure, there are more steps involved when you buy from us, but you can be sure you're getting the freshest, tastiest product possible. When you order from us, you get Fresh Roasted Coffee. It's not just our name—it's how we do business.

Real talk: You can get our coffee quickly and conveniently from other places and we're not trash-talking them or their business. Heck, we sell a lot of coffee to folks who might not know they can get beans directly from us. And yeah, it's pretty convenient to throw a bag of coffee in the ol' electronic cart when you've already got a 50-ft. extension cord, a jar of pickled Spanish onions, a burlap craft kit, and a set of Spider-Man® curtains in there.

We get it! It's still fresh, but not as fresh as it could be. Sure, it's all nitrogen flushed, which removes all the flavor-crushing oxygen, but time still takes its toll. To quote Robert Frost, “nothing gold can stay.” Coffee bought from our site may take an extra day or two, but you can't rush art. Many hours and even more expertise go into crafting each individual roast profile. We take the time and the care to make every coffee shine. Quality is in our DNA, and we're committed to bringing you the very best, no matter where you get it.

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