Minty Matcha Hot Chocolate Latte Recipe

Christopher C.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Updated December 06, 2021

One of the best ways to celebrate summer is with a caffeine-packed matcha latte. Your favorite milk or dairy substitute makes this herbaceous, antioxidant-rich beverage creamy and dreamy. But what happens when it's suddenly winter and all the summer vibes are gone?

Introducing the Minty Matcha Hot Chocolate Latte, crafted by a Positively Tea diehard fan, who’s a lover of matcha and all things festive and wintry. The Minty Matcha Hot Chocolate Latte brings all the best of the season together in one decadent, refreshing cup! Cooling peppermint balances out the hot chocolate, adding some winter refreshment to the mix, and the matcha brings it all home with its signature earthy flavor.

Now we’re not saying there’s such a thing as too much chocolate, but sometimes, you just need to add some healthy stuff to your drink. Trust us. Plain hot chocolate will never taste the same once you’ve had it with matcha.

Matcha is finely ground, young green tea leaves. Unlike virtually all other teas, you’re consuming the entire tea leaf when you drink matcha, which means you’re getting all the benefits that the plant has to offer. If you’re looking for a clean caffeine buzz, matcha’s got your fix. For this reason, you only need a small amount to make a matcha beverage.

Pro tip: using too much matcha can lead to an upset tummy and jitters. Learn from others' mistakes. A little matcha goes a long way, which is why each of our 4 oz. bags of matcha contains roughly 48 servings. If you’ve never made matcha, check out this handy-dandy guide.

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