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Flavored Coffee & Torani Syrups

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A collage of different flavors of coffee pods.
Christopher C. Jul 15, 2022

Yeah, you read that title right. We're now featuring flavored coffee pods and bags in addition to our famously delicious artisan blends and single-origin selections! We've always tried to do coffee a world of good, and our flavored coffee is no exception. Nothing overbearing or straight-up nauseating here. You know what I'm talking about. Save the stale, over-flavored coffees for the grocery store—every variety of our flavored Fresh Roasted Coffee is sugar-free.

Plus, Seasonal Favorites (coming, well, seasonally)

Not a weird flavor to be found! We wouldn't be doing coffee a world of good if we made a Black Licorice Bacon Banana Biscotti. *Visibly shudders* Ew. Imagine waking up to that. We wanted to bring you the flavors you're already craving in your morning brew or waiting for in the drive-thru.

Why Flavored Coffee?

There's already too much standing between you and your coffee on those busy days—opening a huge creamer you likely won't finish (guilty), long lines at your go-to big-box drive-thru, remaking your cup after you add too much of that creamer (also guilty). FRC's flavored coffee helps you simplify and sweeten your morning routine.

Do you have Flavored Syrups?

Yes! Fresh Roasted Coffee is proud to announce that we now carry over 70 different flavors of Torani syrup, including sugar-free options! From amaretto to watermelon, we have what you need to make your lattes, cocktails, teas, and recipes pop. A splash of raspberry takes an iced Island Breeze Rooibos up a notch. You won't have to wait till autumn for that pumpkin spice goodness because we got it! Have whiskey but wish it were peanut butter whiskey? Boom, we can help you make that happen.

Torani syrups are also available in case packs, perfect for your café. *Hint, hint* While black coffee is our one true love, we do love a little flavor once in a while.

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  • KP
    Kevin Pierce

    Please let everyone know that you also have pumpkin pie flavor also for those that cannot stand pumpkin pie spice.

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