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FRC's Now in Aluminum Espresso Capsules!

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A tall box of Sumatra espresso capsules on an orange background next to a shot of espresso.
Christopher C. Nov 11, 2022

The hiss of a steam wand. The texture of a bar towel. Caramel-colored crema bubbling to the surface. The weight of a portafilter in your hand and the satisfaction of a good tamp. The experience of making espresso is a tactile one. Unlike a pour over cone or an auto-drip, you're putting your entire self into a shot of espresso—physically, mentally, and probably spiritually. From there, you've opened an entire world of possibility, from americanos to cappuccinos to cortados to espresso tonics and whatever wacky concoctions you can dream up.

But not everyone has the time to dial in, weigh, grind, distribute, tamp, pull, pour, steam, and serve every day. Espresso can be daunting and, at times, wasteful. Not every coffee is suited for espresso, and even the ones that are can take some time to dial in. Though you're only grinding about ~17g per shot, you're also contending with channeling, over- and under-extraction, time, and so on. Even with about 20 chances to get it right, you still might be missing out on a good cup by the time your bag's empty. All this aside, let's not forget that you're busy. (Like you could forget.) There isn't always enough time in the day to get done all the things we want and make delicious espresso. We hear you, so we decided to do something about it.

After months of dialing in grinds, poring over our seemingly infinite catalog for the best of the best beans for espresso, testing blends, writing innumerable Post-its of possible names, and running our Nespresso® machine ragged (we had to buy two more), we did it.

FRC is now in aluminum espresso capsules.

Unlike the plastic capsules we launched with, aluminum capsules generate more pressure thanks to their singular foil end, making for richer crema and a better shot. They also just look nicer, available in four designer colors—organics in green, single origins in brown, decafs in blue, and blends in black. We also redesigned the outer box and label. No longer squat and square, the new box stands tall with a minimalistic label that wraps around the left side with an understated coffee plant on the other. Seeing your coffee will be exciting whether you put the capsules in a jar or slot the box among its brethren in your coffee setup.

Simply pop a capsule into your Nespresso OriginalLine machine, pick your size, and luxuriate in the familiar hum and thick, rich crema. We started out with six of our favorites for espresso, but that was just the beginning. There are many more single-origin coffees and blends to come. This is how you make café-quality espresso at home.

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