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Fresh Roasted Coffee at the Specialty Coffee Expo

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Fresh Roasted Coffee at the Specialty Coffee Expo
Andrew O. May 16, 2018

What is the Specialty Coffee Expo?

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing opportunities in the specialty coffee industry. Each year, the SCA works tirelessly to piece together the perfect event, the Specialty Coffee Expo (SCE), which was created to provide industry professionals with the networking, tools, and education necessary to succeed.

Andrew Oakes at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle Washington

How We Use the SCE to Help Fuel Our Growth

Each year, Andrew (Andy) Oakes, the owner of Fresh Roasted Coffee, takes time out of his busy schedule to ensure he attends this unique and highly informative three-day event in Seattle, Washington.

Highlighting the latest opportunities and challenges faced by the specialty coffee industry, the SCE is a rare occasion for coffee professionals and enthusiasts from across the world to come together. Here, they are able to share and learn more about the collective and individualistic experiences, challenges, and opportunities faced by coffee professionals and novices on every plane of the specialty coffee spectrum - farmers, roasters, baristas, retailers, coffee lovers, and beyond.

Inside Look at the SCE In Action

Andy, always eager to attend the SCE, never ceases to fill his schedule with as much networking, lectures, and labs as possible. He says his excitement springs from being a determined business owner, seeking to provide only the best products, equipment, and techniques he can for his customers. His passion for sustainable growth fuels his search to find products and equipment that contribute to a well-grounded and highly efficient coffee roasting operation.

For the first two days of the expo, the program Re:co - short for Regarding Coffee - is heavily integrated into the SCE. Re:co is designed to stimulate discussions focusing on innovation and strategy development in the world of specialty coffee. Highly qualified speakers help to prompt intense conversations about the coffee industry, and how the world of coffee production and distribution should be approached and developed in order to establish a system of viable growth.

Heading to Seattle, Washington, with enthusiasm and curiosity, then returning to Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, with a notebook full of information, ideas, and contacts - Andy's experience at the SCE helps to fuel the positive growth here at Fresh Roasted Coffee. By staying on top of the latest industry trends and preparing to tackle any obstacles at full force, we are able to continue building and enhancing our position within the world of specialty coffee.

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