Dark Chocolate Chunk Nicaragua Espresso Cookie Recipe

Christopher C.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Updated May 07, 2021

There’s not much that can make an already perfect cookie better. More chocolate chunks, icing, a little hat? Nope, not even a little hat. As with many things, the answer is coffee. The answer is always coffee. If this were the Dexter’s Laboratory episode, "The Big Cheese," the answer would still be coffee. Omelette du fromage, mon ami. Adding even just 2 tsp. of freshly brewed black coffee will take your cookies to the next level. You know how kids say adults ruin everything? Let’s ruin (see: vastly improve) cookies.

I’m not a fan of overly sweet desserts. I want to finish my dessert and smile, not labor through it. They call it a "treat" for a reason. Introducing black coffee into your batter will add a pleasant, rich bitterness that mellows out the sweetness. Pair that with a gooey-crumbly texture, and you’ve got yourself a cookie good enough to write home about.

Dear home,

This Dark Chocolate Chunk Nicaragua Espresso Cookie slaps.

Love, Me

Fresh Roasted Coffee diehard fan and baking enthusiast Court Cizek whipped up two full cookie sheets and a comal pan of these quarantine delicacies.

I seldom dunk anything in my Fresh Roasted Coffee, but for these cookies, I can make an exception. Alone, Court’s cookies are flawlessly dense with an ever-so-slight crumbly break. Though they are wonderful with milk, their true power is unlocked when dunked in a cup of coffee. The subtle coffee flavor and acidity are magnified and brought front and center, but the chocolate and salt notes are not lost.

Before you know it, you will have eaten four, even though you brought them in for your coworkers. I don’t apologize. They’re just that good.

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Recipe adapted from Frosting & Fettuccine.

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    Howard Dwight

    That looks great. I might add a few Macadamia nuts.

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