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Brewing AeroPress with Different Grinds, Oat Milk, and the Evolution of the World Barista Championship

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An AeroPress coffee brewer on top of an image of a coffee grinder.
Christopher C. Nov 07, 2022
  • How can you brew coffee with the AeroPress using different grind sizes?

    By Thomas Wensma for Perfect Daily Grind

    “Considering how the AeroPress extracts coffee, there are a number of variables you need to take into account but finding the right grind size is one of the most important steps. Ultimately, the grind size will significantly influence the extraction of flavours and aromas, so choosing the right one for your recipe will ensure your coffee isn’t under or overextracted.”

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  • What Is Oat Milk?

    By Liz Clayton for Sprudge

    “Oat milk can be made in a variety of ways, all of which require mixing oats (either from oat flour or in larger pieces) with water. A popular method is enzymatic hydrolysis, a process which accentuates the release of sugars from the oats, making the drink taste naturally sweet. You can also make oat milk at home by soaking oats in water, blending, and straining.”

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  • How the World Barista Championship Has Evolved Over the Years

    By Michelle Welsch for Tasting Table

    “The winner of this first competition was Robert William Thoresen; he was the only participant to bring his own milk, coffee grinder, and make a drink with latte art. The espresso machine the competitors used had only two group heads, and a mirror was placed above the set-up for the audience to watch what the baristas were doing as judges ranked drinks according to technical and sensory criteria.”

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